What is your weirdest experience as an adult?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 05:02 AM

This is something that I have never shared with anyone, How I actually felt.
I was 21 years old and we shifted to a new house, I was always a shy person and had trouble talking to girls,
There was this girl in my neighbour, I noticed her one day from my roof she was doing something in her garage, her mother became friends with
mine and she started visiting our home, I’ll always notice her but never made an eye contact.
One day my mother needed something from her and she used my phone to call her and that’s how we our number exchanged.
We started talking and then I came to know she had an affair and now it’s over. But that guy is teasing her and calling her number with different numbers. She told me how they met and what happened, Which I never cared because I started finding her Cute and pretty
and She was Cute pretty girl.
After she broke up completely and then we started talking and we chatted day in and day out for months. One night I expressed that I am into her and I liked her so much. She did not mind and she said that she actually liked me because I never hit on her and never passed any rude comment.
So it happened what I always wanted. We started bunking colleges and met many times, we kissed, hugged and laughed.
I met her friends. I was/ I am not that good looking just an average guy, That’s what her friends said and I don’t mind it. It is
completely true. But I was funny enough to make her and her friends laugh.
We decided to move our relation ahead and decided to get properly physical, I booked a room and waiting for next day to come but when that day arrived
I freaked out I wanted to back out. We are Muslims we don’t do this before marriage and it is haram, I politely told her
we should convince our parents first and if they agree we will get physical. We both agreed, her mother liked me because she finds me obedient and good boy.
My mother loved her and she herself wanted me to get married to her.
Again we decided to get physical and I knew that her dad hasn’t agreed so we did not proceed and man She wanted to do it bad
I told her I am too afraid and might get her pregnant and she was okay with that. Thank God I never proceeded that.
Once I was in my car with her we kissed and she took my hand to her lady part and told me to do whatever i want,
I didn’t because honestly It was my first time touching females body part and I freaked out because of the wetness.
Other than that we were meeting in public places regularly and always had good time.
Skip to main part,
I had completed my studies and this relation was 4 years old and we were loyal to each other ”at least I was”
My parent agreed and her mother was on board and they were convincing their dad that i will get a good job soon and I’ll be good for her.
One day I opened my laptop and opened Opera and found that her facebook was logged in, I never checked her phone or any of her private things.
She also didn’t. Well she was using my laptop she might have left it logged in.
Well she told me she is going to sleep and I was okay and i was scrolling through her fb nothing intersting just her freinds and family. Suddenly messaged popped up It was her
cousin and she replied, HELLO she was awake?? First thought she wanted her own time, She can do what ever she wants,
Something inside me wanted to see how that chat is going so I kept on checking and clearly That Cousin was flirting with her and she was politely changing topics. I was
Fucking proud of her.
Well everyday this happened she would say good night to me and talk to her cousin. That cousin thing was getting serious they were having blast on text messages I wondered
what would they be doing when they meet in person they must be closest freinds. One thing she never mentioned talking to him.
I saw him proposing to her on those messages and she was did not said no but also she never said yes.
I confronted her what’s going on we fought a lil bit I stopped talking to her for few days
I had to be the bigger person and text her first after few days and I noticed she was different, She avoided meetiing me, She avoided my calls, She once told me that her mother
is very sick she is taking care of her so she can’t talk and I was standing with her mother carrying few grocerries which she bought.
I never said anything to her, She kept on going away I tried but she was differnt to me so I stopped trying, I confronted her and she told me that she can’t talk to me
because his father will not agree. She broke up with me, I was okay for few days and then it happened. I started missing her, I was thinking about her 24/7.
everything that is around me reminds me of her. I was depressed and no one knew. I wanted her so bad and I was all alone.
I never told anyone. I cried, I smoked a lot those days. I couldn’t do anything that would get rid of her memory.
I was so brokern hearted doomed.
Someone told me about a call center job. I applied and got the Job. They had two shifts 10 pm to 7 am and 3 am to 1 pm.
I started doing first shifts, It was inbound call center and call volume can go up like hell, I stayed on calls skipped breaks and at end of shift would sit for
extra hours, It was customer services, Kind a easy for me just too many calls otherwise easy job.
I was getting paid good, plus 2 3 extra hours every day. I was busy with this. There were girls on floor I never talked to any of them just did my work,
Whenever I had two offs they would just kill me. I just can’t take my head off of her.
I was just working extremely hard there, to get my mind off of her.
but then there came another girl in That office, Blunt and Bold. I used to call her Gorgeous mess of Chaos. She talked to me by herself. she seemed nice and talkative
we had many things in common, same favourite TV series and movies, She was a Libra and I was a Gemini. Both air signs we had good friendship, I told her little bit about my
EX, She was just like ”dafa maru ao pizza khana chalain” I was bit hurt she could have showed some compassion because i opened up, but we went for Pizza she talked to me
about her and hugged me kissed me on cheek saying I’ll find someone good but first we have to find someone rich handsome for her,
She and I were best of friends in only 5 months, she pushed me to move on and change my job also, Changing job means I will not be seeing my best friend everyday,
She said that is okay she will be there for me. I moved on started a company for someone trained everyone got good package and now I am about to start my own call center
My office colleague/My best friend, After she came in my life I stopped thinking about my Ex GF.
I don’t blame my gf for breaking my heart, she did what she had to do. She took away a little piece of my heart which will be hers forever no matter what I become what I do.
I love my best friend ‘M’
Reason of sharing this,
I have a good heart and never crossed any line with her which i could have but i didn’t, can still end up in a horrible break up.
One right random person at right time can come in your life and will change your life upside down.

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