What kind of a business should a person start after retirement ?

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Kindly give me some suggestions , ideas , your thoughts and your experiences upon this question , my father is going to be retired within 8 or 9 months , i'm really worried regarding our source of income ( more than my father :P) , my plan is that let start some good business (which a middle class family member can ) now, obviously it will take time to develop so till my father get retired another source of income will be ready , so give me your suggestions , ideas or if you have seen any other person starting a business after retirement then do let me know about that business . Or if there can be anything else apart from the business then also make me aware of that 🙂

Nearly any skill you have can be turned into a home business. Selling those skills through a service-based home business is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to start making money at home.

Any tasks that other individuals or businesses will pay to have done can be turned into a business including virtual support, bookkeeping, writing, landscaping, handyman, pet care and more.

Similar to coaching or consulting, you can contact your former employer to offer your services. Or you access your network to find potential clients.

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