What major problems does Pakistan face in 2020?


What major problems does Pakistan face in 2020?

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  1. We are out of ‘ that seemed impossible one time’ now, energy crisis and the terrorism.

    My claim is not based on the news we hear but the positive after effects that we celebrate everyday.

    The current problems are the inflation (never seen before), poor job market (which is the old issue but we have started to feel it due to the Inflations making lives harder) and the salaries not inflation adjusted. The high taxes, never paid before is another issue.

    Many are currently uncomfortable as they have never been put such a high responsibility before. The current government believes that any strategy involving the begging bowl does not last longer also it makes our economy hostage to the lenders, so we have to generate our own resources and run the country on it and we all understand it.

    I personally believe that our country is on the right path and the strategy of putting load on the nation instead of IMF have started to shown result as Moody Internstional have termed Pakistan economy stable. Alice Well a US diplomat have also welcome this good news coming from Pakistan (read in dawn moments before I write this answer).

    What is yet to be read in today’s dawn newspaper is the headline that says ‘PSX becomes best performing stock exchange’, I postponed the reading to answer this question. Thanks

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