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  1. Asking you this is kindof weird but “Is it finally time to get rid of all screens?”

    Well, Americans spend an average of 11 hours a day looking at screens, according to the New York Times. It seems there is no escape if you live in a city.

    There is a way to block out these ubiquitous, unwanted screens with an innovative product called IRL (In real life) Glasses, you can literally block out screens.

    When you wear these “ad blocking” glasses, LCD and LED screens are completely blocked out and appear, to the wearer, to be blank.

    IRL Glasses achieve this blockage via horizontal polarized optics. Essentially, by flattening and rotating a polarized lens 90 degrees, the light emitted from LCD and LED screens is blocked. As a result, it appears as if the billboard, TV, or computer in front of you is off.

    IRL glasses do not block out traditional smartphone screens and some digital billboards because they use OLED screens. I find it surprising that the technology has not yet been adapted to filter out smartphones, as they are, arguably the largest distraction that we encounter on a daily basis.

    When screens are present, I sometimes find it hard to concentrate due to the stimulating colors and movements that are seemingly impossible to look away from. I would love to give these glasses a try to see if they truly do reduce the amount of distractions in an urban or city environment.

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