What Pakistani news channel show about India?

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  1. Originally Answered: What image of India is shown on the Pakistani news channels?
    A2A. Although citizens of Pakistan would be better equipped to answer this question, I ll put forth my limited knowledge (since I don’t watch Pak news channels). From the little I have seen Pak channels while working on Indo-Pak related stories, I have gathered that they potray India as a bit of a bully and a liar.

    For example, when the Kulbhushan Jadhav case was being heard in the international court of justice, Indian media said Pak was lying and Pak media accused India of the same.

    India maintained that Jadhav was an innocent civilian kidnapped by Pakistan from Iran. Indian media echoed the same stand.

    Pak however claimed that Jadhav was a spy for RAW and was involved in anti-Pak activites. Pak media echoed the same stand too.

    So, for Pak media, India is the villain trying to save a dangerous man from its clutches.

    For Indian media, Pak is the villain trying to persecute an innocent after a sham trial.

    Like I said, I have hardly seen any Pak news channels,but from what little I have seen, they definitely don’t think too kindly of us.

    Random ending – I think we all like Bollywood. They like our movies. We like their Fawad Khans. Sigh.

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