What race do Iranian people belong to?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: Why do so many Iranians claim that Iran is a white country?
Iranians are indeed Caucasian people.

Caucasus region is located in northwest of Iran. If you don’t consider Iranians to be white then you shouldn’t consider Italians, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, and French white either.

First of all let’s get to know Iranian people:

Iran is NOT an Arab country
Iran is Persia, it is not Arabia. The common misconception about Iran in the Western world is that Iran is an Arab country. Iran is not an Arab country and Iranians are definitely not Arabs. Iran means land of Aryans. You can get yourself in a big trouble if you call an Iranian “Arab”. Iranians are very nationalist and take pride in their heritage.

Iranians do NOT speak Arabic.
The official language of Iran is Persian (endonym: Farsi) not Arabic. Linguistically, Iran’s language, Persian, is Indo-European and thus closely related to English, Latin, Greek and most other languages of Europe, which becomes obvious when you consider such Persian words as “setare” (star), “baradar” (brother) or “madær” (mother).

Iranians are genetically Caucasian.
Genetically, Iranians are definitely “Mediterranean/Caucasian white”, but Iranians sport many “Nordic white” features too, such as blue or green eyes or blonde hair and akin. In borders of Iran with Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq you can find genetically mixed people who aren’t white nor Caucasian due to the intermarriages with Afghan or Arab immigrants who are from other side of the borders. They only constitute 2% to 3% of Iranian population.

Persians are the largest ethnic group in Iran.
Iran is a multiethnic country. Persians, make up around two-thirds of Iran’s population. next most populous ethnic group in Iran are Azerbaijanis. They are Caucasian too, but their language is of Turkic rather than Indo-European origin and they share many similarities with the people of Azerbaijan republic and Turkey. There are Kurds, Assyrians, Georgians, Armenians, Lurs, and etc who make up the rest of the Iranian population. Here is the map with details:

Culture of Iran
Culturally, they are desendents of multiple Persian Empires such as Achaemenids and Safavids. They celebrate ancient Persian holidays such as Nowruz (Persian new year), Chahatshnabe Souri, Yalda night, and etc.

Shia Islam is the main religion in Iran.
Religiously, they are Muslims and they have their own version of Islam which is Shia Islam. Before Muslim invasion of Persia, Iranians used to be Zoroastrian.

Pictures of Iran
Here are some pictures from typical Iranians; What do you think they are? White? Black? or Mongolid?

Here is Mr. Ghalibaf, the former mayor of Tehran, he can easily pass as German:

Do white supremacy see Iranians as white?

White nationalists in general answer a resounding “No!” to that question. But even they are funny. They have a Pan-Europeanist policy. White supremacists only include European people as white. Especially the ones from Northern Europe.

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