What rule exists purely because people are jerks?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 24, 2020 05:40 AM

In September 2002, a British 23-year-old named Faiz Chopdat was jailed for four months after refusing to turn off his cell phone on a flight from Egypt to England.

The crew had repeatedly requested that he switch off the phone so it wouldn’t interfere with the plane’s communication system, and he’d openly ignore them.

The reason: He was playing the game Tetris.

Arranging the falling shapes was more important for Faiz than his life, and his fellow passengers’ lives!

Apparently, the ‘flight mode’ has a reason for its existence.

In my initial days of married life, husband would bring his bachelor friends to home frequently for ‘ghar ka khana’ (home made food).

One of his colleagues would use the washroom, and would sprinkle his pee all over the seat.

I didn’t say anything for the first visit, but shouted at my husband for bringing such senseless people home.

However, the guy was so weird that he would self-invite himself to our place.

Feeding someone was never a problem for me, but his washroom manners were a pain in my neck.

And therefore, I had to put following message in my washroom. Lol.

Initial days of my Quora, and I would write quietly without any harsh messages and trolls. Few days later, one of my answers got viral.

And here came the perks of getting my answer ‘famous’.

I was trolled, and abused, and shamed.

I argued, and got rewarded with more trolling.

Since I am not that popular on this site, I don’t get trolled that often, but I am sure that famous writers like GV Sir, Sean Kernan and Bhuvi Ma’am would get an ample amount of nonsense to make them insane.

And here comes Quora to their rescue bringing ‘BNBR’ (Be nice, Be respectful) policy!

It’s not that efficient always, but a little peace of mind wouldn’t hurt, right?

What else can be a better example of a rule which exists because people are ludicrous!

Thanks for the A2A Sean Kernan !

Kudos to all your patience to handle whatever comes as a perk of being famous on Quora!

Pic courtesy: Google Images.

P.S: Here is something I learned today, ‘ludicrous’ which means ‘ridiculous’ or ‘silly’.

Note: The first incident is taken from book ‘The Happiness Advantage’.

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