What should I prepare when I travel to Malaysia?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 12, 2020 05:24 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 12, 2020 05:24 AM

First of all. I would like to say Selamat Datang and i hope you would find this country pleasant. If you are lost or if you need directions just ask in English.Dont worry about it because even if most of us are not fluent, we still understand it well enough.

Firstly, there not much of a taboo here. But i would appreciate it if you dont litter the place as a tourist. We are having a hard time teaching everyone not to litter and having foreigners doing it isnt helping matters. There are plenty of rubbish bins around. Its ok to booze but please dont get rowdy or try anything funny with our ladies. If they want to know you better that is their business but people are still conservative as a whole

Places of worship regardless of race deserve respect and as they like to say, When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Well, on to the good part. Anytime is good to travel except monsoon season. Wetness everywhere.Malaysia faces two monsoon winds seasons, the Southwest Monsoon from late May to September, and the Northeast Monsoon from October to March. The Northeast Monsoon brings in more rainfall compared to the Southwest Monsoon, originating in China and the north Pacific.

Whoopsie.if you count the months that means its raining the whole year.Yup, we have only two seasons. Wet and Dry. Easier than a washing machine. I advise between Feb to April. Wonderful time.Might be a little sunny but blue skies and green grass is always best.There might be local celebrations like Lunar new year and others so for tourists its a treat.

Try going to places like Malacca which is a Historical town.Penang for its food and vibrancy. Islands like Langkawi and Tioman and Pangkor are nice to dive and relax. If you have the time. Cameron Highlands might be interesting for you as its cool and quaint up up there. It used to be retreat for colonial officers. Taman Negara near Pahang would be a place for nature lovers who like hiking.Batu Caves is another attraction.The state of Terengganu has beaches that rival anything you see in Thailand or Bali. Sabah is amazing too.Lots of white sand and unspoiled beaches.

Sabah and Sarawak, the eastern states.ah. national parks where you watch the orang utans, caves to explore and did i mention Mount Kinabalu? Taking the Via Ferrata up the top is scary as crap. Cheap amazing seafood in Kuching Sarawak or Sabah to fill your tummies.

Make sure you fill your belly with nasi lemak ,Lontong, char kwey tiauw, ikan bakar, chendol, ais kacang,bah kut teh, roti prata, char siew rice, nasi kandar, mee goreng, poh piah, panang laksa and all the kuehs we have …(crap i an getting hungry again). Dont be shy and try entering our Chinese restaurants, Malay stalls , Mamak hangouts .Nobody will bite you.Seriously we are pretty peaceloving, just dont mention the word religion.Causes a bit of jittery around these parts. And please, dont run off to your McD, BurgerKings and KFCs. The local fare is much better.

Lastly, take extra care of your wallet and dont be complacent. While i wont say its extra dangerous, its better to be careful at all times. Develop a fast step.Try to stay indoors after 10pm. Crime happen to increase with decreasing sunlight.Enjoy

Dont worry about the accomodation.You can stay at good hotels but try Airbnb as well

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