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  1. A decent operating system. (Which means some version of Unix until something better comes along.)

    A decent editor. (I use Emacs, if Vim works for you, peace)

    A decent distributed source control (Realistically, Git unless something new and better turns up)

    A decent diff / patch / merging tool. I use diff and meld.

    A decent syncing / backup software. I use rsync

    A decent scripting language for sys-admin on the operating system (shell, perl, python)

    A good programming language to program in. Obviously this largely depends on your area of application.

    A good FTP client if you’re going to be working on remote servers. (Eg. filezilla)

    I don’t really use advanced SysOps tools like Continuous Integration and deployment etc. But I’m sure that if I was working in the right environment (commercial web app. development) then I’d definitely consider them essential.

    Good communication tools with other programmers on the same project. IRC? Slack? A web-browser for reading blogs etc.

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