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  1. Friend : Sir, I have just received my order but it’s not what I have ordered.

    Restaurant : Sorry sir, tell me what was your order we will resend it.

    Friend: (Our order details).

    Restaurant: Sir it’s late, we don’t have any delivery guy here. I will personally come to deliver your order.

    Friend: OK. BTW, who are you sir?

    Restaurant: Sir, I am the owner of this restaurant. Here is my number, can you WhatsApp me your location.

    Friend: (Surprised) Ok sir.

    After 30 minutes, he came with the order. We thanked him for his effort. He could have said no at the very beginning of the conversation that we don’t have delivery guy and hence we can’t deliver your order. But he understood our concern and took efforts to reach our place.

    That’s a nice gesture from him

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