What towns in Italy are on lockdown from Coronavirus?

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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 12, 2020 02:24 PM

Originally Answered: Which parts of Italy are most affected by the coronavirus outbreak?
Currently the most affected part of Italy is Lombardy region, with an outbreak around the area of Codogno, a small city that has been recognized as the starting point of the whole outbreak.

The second major outbreak area is the small town of Vo’ Euganeo, near Padua, in Veneto.

Both towns has been rapidly locked-down as China did for Wuhan’s region.

The main problem is that they haven’t been able to find out the zero-patient, and it has been confirmed that the infections spreads also if an infected person has no symptoms and it looks like not having symptoms (or having weak symptoms, like common flu or sore throat) is very likely within infected people.

Other cities involved by the recent outbreak are Milan, Bergamo, Mantova also in Lombardy. Turin, in Piemonte. A small town in Trentino which I don’t remember the name, Modena in Emilia-Romagna and in the end Dolo and Venice in Veneto (where I live).

South Italy and center italy are safe, by now.*

*UPDATE (25th of February, the day after my answer): It looks like that there’s a first patient in Palermo, in Sicily. It’s a woman from Bergamo.

I’ve being reading news from other countries’ press, like the Spanish one, who describes the situation like an apocalypse.

Actually, our government, army, police and medical team did an incredible work in locking down the virus. They also made a special law that locks down a city even if there is just a single infected person and leads up to arrest if someones breaks out the quarantine zone. Also pubs, discos and sport areas are now closed to public after 6 o’clock.

Experts says that in the next two weeks we will see the top of the spread, which could be the same as now, or more. We don’t know.

Am I worried? A little bit, yeah. But if it happes, neverminds! Chances are very very likely to survive! Of course if it happens I won’t spread to anyoune and if I face any of the symptoms I will call one of the special emergency numbers!

Cheers, hope to see you all after this mess will be over! 😀

*UPDATE (25th of February, the day after my answer): The number of infected people is raising but except the woman of Palermo, the new infected people are inside quarantine zones

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