What was each country best at in World War 2?

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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 24, 2020 01:13 PM

Well I think this could be a matter of opinion, mine is as follows.

The British had a reputation for being stubborn in defence and they were certainly good at that. Often small numbers of British troops held back superior forces long enough for their comrades to retreat during the early years of WW2 when everything was going bad for them, one example would be the stand of the Norfolks in 1940.

The British were probably the best small-scale raiders of the war, with units like the SAS, Commandos, and LRDG. Staying with the British we have innovation, the funnies that they invented for D-Day went on to serve throughout the rest of the war. They were just some of the wacky things the British came up with during the war.

The Germans were undoubtedly best at armoured warfare. Their tanks had conquered Poland and France in an amazingly short time and battled deep into the USSR.

The Soviets I would say were the best city fighters, street by street, house by house, room by room, Stalingrad was only one such urban battlefield. Rostov-Ha-Dony, Kharkov, Kiev, Minsk, Sevastopal, Krasnodar, Odessa, Kustrin, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin.

The Americans were probably the best large-scale amphibious troops, Tawarra, Iwo-Jima, Palau, among some of the most bitter battles of the island-hopping campaign in the Pacific. Also logistics, their ability to out produce every other nation and to get those supplies where they were needed.

The Nepalese Gurkhas were the best mountain troops and, along with the Japanese, jungle fighters.

Along with the Gurkhas, France’s Moroccan Goumiers excelled at mountain warfare. They gave great service in Italy.

Also along with the Gurkhas, the Japanese were great at jungle fighting, the Jungles of the Dutch East Indies (Now Indonesia) Guadalcanal, Malaya and Burma surely tested the Allies.

The Italians (Surprising to many) were really good at small unit anti-shipping naval commandos. They invented the human torpedo and the explosive motor boat. The front was packed with explosives, the pilot aimed the boat at a ship and away he went. Just before impact the pilot pulled a lever or pressed a button (I not know which), and the back of the boat separated from the front which carried on to the target. Later in the war the Japanese copied the idea but unlike with the Italian version the pilot stayed with the boat until the moment of impact.

The Australians were good in the jungle and were good desert fighters, as Tobruk showed.

The Finnish were probably the best winter-warfare troops and best fighter pilots, as Finland produced more aces per head of pilot numbers than any other nation in WW2

Along with the Finns, the best Winter-Warfare troops were the Siberians (Not involved in the Winter War of 1939 to 1940 as they were guarding the Soviet Union’s eastern frontiers from a possible Japanese attack).

Please bear in mind this is my personal opinions, others may disagree and have their own candidates. Any disrespectful, racist or rude comments will be deleted and/or not replied to.

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