What was it that your child told you that gave you chills?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 24, 2020 01:18 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 24, 2020 01:19 PM

When my son was a little boy, maybe five or six, there was a neighbor kid who, in all my long life, still remains the epitome of evil. I never thought I could call a child “evil,” but if ever there were a manifestation of that dark force, it was this kid. That boy, my son told me one day, went to *another* little boy’s house under the guise of friendship. These kids were first graders, mind you. Little!

The third child had a brain tumor. He was the most *adorable* thing! His handsome head was covered in golden curls, his big blue eyes the color of a bluebird’s wing. He was a delightful, happy boy but he did, eventually, succumb to the tumor that grew in his precious head. It tore the family up; the parents ultimately divorced. This poor child was suffering. He trusted the bigger boys. And I’m sure the parents of the sick boy thought it was wonderful to have playmates for their son. My son would *never* have harmed a defenseless child but Evil Boy thrived on wickedness. Naturally, I had no idea he was demented until my son told me what happened one day.

The two boys went to visit the child who was ill. Evil Boy found a pile of dog crap. (I nearly wrote “dog poop” but that’s far too prissy a word for this situation.) He scooped some up and said to the smaller child, “Here. Have some *chocolate*.” So the little boy took some and plopped it into his mouth. He gagged, choked, vomited. Evil Boy just laughed! And he was only six years old! My son was horrified. He ran all the way home.

I called the little boy’s mother. Naturally, she was infuriated and vowed to kill that kid if he ever dared set foot in her property again. Evil Boy was in my son’s class. I went to school the next day and demanded that my son have his class switched as I was NEVER going to allow that kid near him. This didn’t, of course, eliminate contact on the playground but it was something. My son was forbidden to associate with him ever again.

Evil Boy continued to torment other children over the years. He was once caught at school threatening a little girl with a sharpened popsicle stick. She was developmentally disabled. He’d sharpened it on the cement after lunch. He was caught trying to set a cabin on fire, the empty, second home of a local neighbor. He was evil personified. His parents denied every accusation. “Their” little angel could do no wrong!

But there’s an interesting twist of karma here and I was relieved to here about his fate. Many years passed and the children grew up and moved on. I once asked my son if he’d ever heard what happened to the Devil’s Spawn. Yes, he said, I have heard.

Evil Boy was riding a motorcycle (illegally, of course) and came across a wire stretched across the roadway. He was flying. And he hit that thing like a bat out of hell. Yes. A bat out of HELL. (I am not a religious person so I use the word “hell” euphemistically. You get my point.) He was instantly beheaded. I can’t tell you the relief I felt. His reign of terror was *over.* My son thought my response was a bit too enthusiastic as this death was gruesome but all I could think of was Thank God he can’t ever hurt another person again. The world was RID of this foul creature. It took long enough but it was over.

Did the story of forcing a dying boy to eat dog shit chill me to my bones? Indeed it did. But ultimately, Evil Boy got his due. I’ve never felt a twinge of guilt about having been SO relieved to learn this wicked beast of a human being was no longer a scourge against humanity.

Rest In Peace, sweet little neighbor child, Rest In Peace. I often think if you. You were such a darling boy.♥️

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