What was Pakistan like in the 1960s?

Mudassir Ali
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What was Pakistan like in the 1960s?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 27, 2019 02:08 PM

Do you agree on this History of Pakistan?Most of People did not know the Pakistan.

A song of ICE and FIRE.Pakistani Version.

Gandhi was asking India to give Pakistan share of fund before he got killed by Hindu Extermist.

Partition of Subcontinent also involved British Intelligence and its later goals with US.

Quaid and liaqat ali khan sidelining may be triggered by British intelligence officer serving as Head of Pak army.

Gilgit Baltistan invited Pak Army in fear from India as they occupied Kashmir.

Our First head of Army was British lived here.

ISI was founded by British Pak army Genral to serve Pakistan challenges.

After these Gora Generals WW2 war veterans era came prominent colonel Ayub khan became General of our army.Later decleared himself field marshal also became president.

WW2 US,UK,Russia,China,france etc vs Germany ,Japan ,Italy.

After WW2 old allies US,Russia started Cold war. And US invested huge in Decling russia later on.

He was way closer to US,UK and its new ally kingdom of al Saud and abdul wahab follower akhwan who came in power by beating Turkish Ottaman Empire pre and post WW1 things ,earlier version of Osama and ahmed al zawari was Saud and wahab who started struggle to grip modern arab but failed till abdul aziz Al saud emerge with Akhwan follower of Abdul wahab. Therfore Ayub khan was respected in most of world. Capitalist one .

East Pakistan Economy kept Dollar in control as GDP was okay and things were cheap but Ayub has done many other remarkable things for Pakistan which later people unable to do.

East Pakistan was difficult to control and govern ,Mostly governed by colonels on orders of these General and revolt emerged in shape of Mujeeb.

Ayub khan also contest against Fatima Jinnah true people representative And rigged Elections.

Bhutto was First Leader who has to deal with all mess ,he did some great work and Some blunders but his intentions were pious.Total Nationalization and contest election against Mujeeb was among his biggest unlucky things that back fired.

After East Pakistan gone from hands economy dropped due to wars and East pakistan 3% GDP share .Pakistan of Quaid divided firstly kashmir later east Pakistan the Army consider bhutto civilian supermacy charm acts a reason to loss East Pakistan while bhutto considered long lasting colonel governing rules of like british raj.

Later Liberal Army Changed to conservative as per circumstances and Zia think alike emerged To deal with Liberal party PPP, Mqm given power,And PML was created which won election after its creation ,Bhutto Nationalization victim Nawaz was forcely made a hero ” the talk of the town ”

To see this B.bhutto and Zaradari also tried to become pro US. International Involment always remained a part and parcel of us and US always dictate and benificary whether Ayub fighting against German,Japan, or went against russia collaboration and chose US Or Zia making Jihadi that later serve US against Russia but Kashmir too or Musharaff who came against NAWAZ and B Bhutto but served US by killing those who served US against Russia and later left Pakistan again to these two parties. Advantages and disadvantages goes hand in hand.

India remained in hand of hindu Extremist who considered Akhand bharat a slogan from Sanskrat and even before Mughal empire.

And our ISI and army successfully protected West Pakistan at least for fourty plus years now beside Indian heavy funding in Balochistan because nothing remain if another incident after Kashmir and east Pakistan occurs however Balochistan Nawab provided support to Quaid but officially not joined Pakistan however Now to safeguard it CPEC is important but winning baloch hearts is must before it.

Its first time in history International funding rejected dejected by PTI and Intelligence. Imran is What Quaid was , Liaqat ali khan and Bhutto dream and Nation will that loyal Intelligence has to admit and not played against him in election.

Nawaz is in Jail. Close of another chapter of Pakistan.However beside going so much in details and past we have Example of Nation lifting itself in a couple of decade like Singapore,Malayasia Etc

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