What was the biggest scandal at your high school?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: What was the largest scandal in your high school?
A couple days ago in English class our teacher decided to tell us a story about one of his former colleagues.

About 15 years ago we had an English teacher called Mr. T. He was the swim coach, track coach, and worked with the girls volleyball team for the last 4 years of his career. During volleyball tryouts Mr. T met a freshman, let’s call her Dana. She was sweet, short, brown haired, green eyed, and very rebellious. And 14. After a couple weeks of practices Dana and Mr. T started to become closer; he’d drive her home, tutor her, and spend his off periods with her. Fellow teachers and students took notice, but believed it was an innocent relationship. Little did they know things had become sexual pretty fast. The last day of tryouts she had approached him and broached the subject of relationships. Upon finding out he was married with children, she doubled down on her advances, eventually leading to a full blown sexual relationship.

They continued to participate in sexual relations for all four years of high school, she’d give him some 😉 , he’d make sure she aced his class.

Upon reflection later, her father recalled how highly she spoke of him; how he was the best teacher ever and made learning so easy! Consequently, he’d march down to the school guidance office every year and petition heavily for Mr. T to be his daughter’s English teacher. If only he’d known… at this point Dana’s father knew Mr. T very well as he’d been tutoring her for years.

For some obscenely stupid reason Mr. T decided to document every single sexual relation he’d had with Dana in a leather notebook. He sketched her naked form and wrote her long winding poems on the subject of her “blossom breasts” and “innocent heartbeat”. He detailed EVERYTHING they did in that book.

4 years later and it was time for Dana to graduate. As a gift, Mr. T gave Dana the notebook so she could remember him. Would be sweet if we didn’t know the context…

One day Dana accidentally leaves the notebook open in a place where her dad finds it. Sidenote: Dana’s father is a retired drill sergeant, think the most terrifying man in the US army, now multiply that by 1000. That was Dana’s father.

After reading the whole notebook, in a state of shock, I’d assume, he rushed down the school, threw the book on the principal’s desk and demanded answers.

“Mr. Dana’s father” the principal said, “Please, let us handle this. I promise we will take full actions, but you need to leave.”

Dana’s father refused, he wanted to release all his rage on Mr. T. Finally, after lots of pleading by the principal he left.

My teacher was the head of the English department at the time so he was the first one to know about it. His phone rang, and an hour later he was in the principle’s office with Mr. T.

“What the hell is this? You want to explain yourself?” The principal demanded.

Mr. T’s face drained. White with shock he fell to the floor in a puddle of tears and shame. “Pl-please don’t fire me!” he wailed. Needless to say he was fired immediately and my teacher said he had a hard time not beating the crap out of him right then and there.

Mr. T did not face charges as Dana refused to press charges. I was confused at this note because even though she was 18 by that time, their sexual relationship started when she was 14, two years before the age of consent in my state. He did however, lose his teaching license and will never ever step foot into a school in the US or anywhere else in the world.

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