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  1. I’ll guess the first computer was our favored hand when we figured out we could use it to compute items

    Therefore, instead of the base 2 binary, we probably started computing using the base 5, though I guess I could also imagine the first time this was done, it might have been done with one or two fingers, but I’ll take a leap and figure that first person to compute with something besides their brain used all five fingers from the go.

    Soon progressing to the base 10 when he or someone soon thereafter figured out how to compute using both hands.

    I think the first tube computers also used the base ten, so we’ve digressed to the base 2.

    There was also a possibility of using one finger and the base 1, if they wanted 5, they’d represent that with lllll, romans turned that into an additive and subtractive variable base 4 , I. II. III, IV, V, VI.


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