What was the funniest thing you saw/heard today?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 14, 2020 05:01 AM

You will definitely smile at the end! 🙂

An old lady walked into the Bank of America with a huge bag of money.

She told the receptionist that she would like to meet the president of the bank as she wanted to deposit a large sum of money. The receptionist objected but the old lady wouldn’t move, so with no option left she went inside the office.

She came back and said, “You are lucky this morning, He will see you!”

He (President): How can I help you madam?

She (Old Lady): I would like to open a new account and deposit this money.

He: How much money do you like to deposit?

She: $180,000 Please (Started dumping the whole amount on his table)

He(Surprised): How did you get this much money Madam?

She: I make bets!

He: What kind of bets?

She: For example, I bet you that your right hand will be very much shorter than your left hand by tomorrow 10:00 AM for $25,000.

He(Shocked): How is that even possible? Anyway, I accept your bet!

She: Okay then, I ll come around by 10:00 AM tomorrow with my lawyer as a witness?

He: Yes, Sure 🙂

He was up all night long tensed, he was checking his hands often.

The next day 10:00 AM

She: Can I check your hands now Sir?

He: Yes.

She held his hands and started checking!

Her lawyer started banging his head against the wall!

The president was shocked and asked why!

Lawyer: She had a bet with me for $100,000 saying she will be holding the hands of the president of the Bank of America at 10:00 AM today!

The lady who knows how to bet! 🙂

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