What was the moment you knew your job wasn’t a fit for you?

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  1. The moment I found out the 10% pay increase I received turned out to be a typo and the hiring manager tried to hide it rather than admit a mistake.

    I was working as a software developer and interviewed for another software development position within the company. They offered me a higher pay grade and a “10%” increase of some sort. It turned out the higher pay grade was just a typo and the 10% referred to my bonus multiplier which was already at 10% so the offer was essentially just a lateral move. I accepted the offer and after I didn’t receive any pay increase on my pay check I followed up with HR.

    HR reassured me I would receive my pay increase and that sometimes it just takes the system a few weeks to update. Obviously, HR didn’t look into my issue very seriously. A couple of pay periods later (2 months at this point) I had to finally point out to HR that my offer was for a higher pay grade. HR casually and nonchalantly revised the offer to reflect a lateral move and said nothing could be done. HR didn’t even admit they made a mistake, they offered no compensation, they couldn’t provide any actions they would take to prevent this from happening again and then threatened that if I spoke about this incident that I would be reprimanded for speaking about confidential matters. I knew right away I was dealing with cover-up artists that don’t care about me at all. I quit as a result.

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