What was the most embarrassing moment you experienced when you had a medical examination or medical procedure?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 22, 2020 08:45 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 22, 2020 08:45 AM

I had two physical exams for selective service. One the summer after HS grad. There were 40 guys there, all 18–19 year olds and 90% white guys. It was an all day thing: half the group fill out paper work and took tests and the other half got their physical. After lunch in the federal building we switched. You stripped to your briefs and shoes and they gave you a little bag to carry around your wallet, watch, keys etc. Many of the guys brought paperwork from their doctor or chiropractor or therapist to indicate why they could not be drafted. It was a standard physical with little privacy. I passed but got a deferment to go to a small college in rural Georgia. At the end of my senior year I got another notice for a physical. I called and said I was in Georgia and they changed the physical to an induction center there.

This physical was very different. There were about 30 men there; two of us were white. Again they divided the group and I was in the morning physical group. I went dressed in deck shoes, tan pants, polo shirt, and jockey briefs. We were led to a locker room and told to strip and take a shower then we could return for our shoes and briefs. The sergeant asked how many of you are not wearing underwear. About 10 raised the hands. they were given gym shorts to wear. There were about 6 gang showers and we stood around and waited our turn. I felt pretty intimidated surrounded by guys with great arms, legs, and many uncut. We put on briefs or gym shorts, shoes and had the standard physical, It is odd taking a vision or hearing test in only your jockey shorts. About 8 of us were standing in a row and they had us drop our shorts and doctor went down the line and checked for hernia and checked our penis and scrotum. They you bend over and spread your ass cheeks and they look there. Now I am coming to the embarassing part. We lined up and faced technician for a STD check. They told us to strip to save time. I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen. I noticed the black guy behind me was pulling on and stroking his penis. And the guy behind him was doing the same thing. I looked again at the guy behind me. He saw my look and said to me, he’s going to stick something in your pee hole. It is easier if you are sort of hard. I pulled on my penis and slapped it back and forth. He was right. My turn, a guy grabs my penis, pushes something that looked like a straighted out paper clip in my penis and twists it around. He pulls it out and says, you may feel a little burn next time you pee. I thanked the guy who gave me the advice. I passed and quickly joined the Air Force before I could get drafted

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