What was the most obscene experience of your life as an adult, which you want to share?

Mudassir Ali 8 months 1 Answer 127 views

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  1. One day my family had gone for shopping leaving me and my sis at home as our exams were going on. I was studying in my room. Suddenly She called me to her room. So I got to her room & asked her, “what happened ?” She said that she is having very irritating itch in her whole body & she asked me to apply some talc on her. I was a bit nervous because i never had done it. suddenly she took off her clothes & asked me to apply talc on her breasts. I was too much shy so i close my eyes. but, she came closer to me & she took my penis out of my pants & she stroked my cock very hard. It pained me so much that i scremed but she put her hand on my mouth & said, “let me reach you something”.

    I can not explain much in detail now. She had sex with me that day & she left me with my paining cock. Then for one to two months, She used to do this very often. I cried alone in my room for hours each & everyday. After two months, She left for college where she got too much cock for herself.

    I know my sister use guys for her pleasure. I know she used me & gave me that trauma. I do not have any guts to say this to anybody.

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