What was the most satisfying moment of your life as an adult which you want to share with everyone?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 03, 2020 12:00 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 03, 2020 12:00 PM

My father died when I was 14. He was sleeping in the same room as I was, but in a separate bed. He slept fine, but never woke up. Despite being 43 and an athlete in his college days, he was suffering from cardiac issues.

I discovered that he had passed away, well before anyone else could find out. His body was stiff, his hand and feet were cold, very cold, almost frozen cold. I knew he had passed away many hours before…. but he did not revealed it to anyone for well over an hour.

We were visiting a nearby city as my father had to see a doctor, and had to see me off to my school. Our hosts were a family of 5 people – Husband, wife and kids. A few months before the incident, the wife had a nervous breakdown of sorts. She learnt some bad news about someone in her family & she fainted. As the story goes someone had to do a CPR to revive her . She had a tough time afterwards & was working on her recovery.

When I discovered my father had passed away, the only other adult in the house was the wife of our host. I realized I cannot tell her that – she might panic, and same thing might happen again. On inquiring I was told that her husband will be back in home in about 10–15 minutes.

So I acted normally. In the living room kids were watching some kids movie, and I sat down with them. 10 minutes passed, 20 minutes passed , 30 minutes …. and no sign of our host.

I came back in the room where my father was – sat down beside him and waited.

After about an hour or so our host arrived. I came to living room and casually mentioned to him that my father is not waking up & he is getting late for his appointment. On listening to this, he went inside to inquire – realizing that he has passed away he called one of his nieghbours who was a doctor. He confirmed that my father had passed away many hours ago and rigor has set in.

His wife, contrary to my assumption handled things very calmly. She was very kind and took care of me. Also managed to get the word across via telephone to my relatives and my mother. She also accompanied the body back to my native village – all the while attending to 3 kids!

No one to this day knows that I discovered him and tried to act normally for over an hour.

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