What was the nastiest thing you’ve done with your classmate?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:55 PM

This is sexually graphic.

This happened when I was 13. Please don’t judge me, I’ve changed. I was going through some stuff and felt like I had to do this to be loved and cool.

There was a classmate I liked, and she liked me too. We would often hang out with each other under the blooming dogwood trees after school. One day, she met me outside my final class. We went to our normal spot that we hang out at, and she started making advances. We had kissed before, but nothing that intense. Just soft kisses, and the farthest we’d go is a hug during it.

We we’re talking like normal, just about schook drama and stuff, and she placed her hand on mine. Nothing weird, we we’re practically dating. I grabbed her hand and continued talking. I was in the middle of talking when she just sat on top of me, and mind you I had been laying down on the grass. I gave her a weird look and she smiled at me. I do admit, I was horny just like any other teenager. I knew she was too. I wanted it but knew it was wrong. I knew I was 13. I knew I was too young. Dating at 13 is supposed to be holding hands in the halls and going out to ice cream, not sex, y’know?

She spread her legs more, and began to drag her, uh, down there, vert slowly and sexually on my stomach.

“Jenna (named changed), what are you doing? There’s people around here.”

Jenna looked at me and smiled. “We’ll just go somewhere else then!”

I really liked this girl, and thought that this would make me cool. I hesitantly nodded and she got off me and grabbed my hand, essentially dragging me to the girls bathroom.

We went into the stall at the end, which was bigger than the rest. We had both brought our backpacks, and she grabbed a towel out of hers and layed it down.

“The floor here is disgusting, and I don’t want you to get dirty.”

My heart was racing. Did she actually want to do this? We’re we actually going to do this? What if someone walks in??

She grabbed my hips and pushed me against the wall. Jenna aggressively pushed her lips onto mine and stuck her tongue in my mouth. I had no choice now. Jenna was taller and stronger than me.

She stuck her hands down my pants, and began to squeeze my butt. I placed my arms on the outside of her shirt, on her breasts. I could tell she wasn’t wearning a bra. Her nipples were hard.

She pulled back and smirked like the devil. She slowly moved her hands out of my pants towards the button. I heard the noise, and knew she had unbuttoned them.

“Come on, -my name- it’ll feel great. Just do it, sweetheart.”

I gulped, and she sat down on the towel, her legs spread very wide. She was wearing very thin panties, and I slowly pulled them off her, to find them drenched in discharge. Being honest, mine probably were, too.

She beckoned me in, and I came it. I parted her walls, and explored. I didn’t penetrate her with my fingers, but I did lick the inside of her walls and her entire area. She moaned so loudly I swore everyone could here it. I hadn’t noticed, but while I had been eating her, Jenna had taken off her shirt and her nipples were like fucking rocks. She also had massive boobs, the kind you would think only a stripper would have. I began sweating profusely as so many of my boundaries had already been crossed. Jenna straightened her legs, and sat up. She eyed me, and jumped on top of me, practically ripping my clothes off. I was so uncomfortable, but thought that this must mean she loved me. She forcefully grabbes me and slammed me on the toilet, and gave me a lap dance, then twerked in my face. She ordered me to lick her butt while she was doing this. I complied, because I was a scared and confused 13 year old girl being forced into sex by the girl he thought loved her.

She said I wasn’t performing on her well enough, and would show me a great performance. She grabbed me and pinned me on the towel, my hands above my head and my legs apart. I had discharged out of fear, and she took it as me liking it. She placed het boobs around my neck and passionately kissed me, while her free hand was fingering me. I was paralyzed, struck with fear.

Jenna quickly sat up, because she heard her phone go off. She checked it, and threw on her clothes, and pulling the towel out from under me, and sprinted out of the bathroom. I guess her mom arrived. I layed on that disgusting bathroom floor for what seemed like hours, before finally getting dressed again. I felt disgusting and weird and guilty, but thought that this meant that she loved me. I cried for a solid twenty minutes before another girl came in and heard me. She knocked on the stall door, and when I didn’t answer she crawled under the door and hugged me. She kept asking me what was wrong but I couldn’t tell her, I couldn’t tell anyone.

The girl gave me her phone number and left. I assume she was doing track and field because it had just ended, and she was wearing PE clothes. I ran home, and when I got home I hid in a cabinet, because I could hear my mom screaming for me to come out, banging pots which were her go-to punishment.

And that was the nastiest thing I ever did with my classmate.

I did end up dating the girl who climbed under the stall door, and we’re going 6 years strong 🙂

She’s helped me a lot, but it seems the past never leaves me be.

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:55 PM

I am a dominant guy who loves to get girls dripping wet and then help them to have fun. This story is from our college festival time. Our college is the most reputed in Pune city.

The girl in the story is Shrushti. Tall, dusky, very curvy, eyes greenish, superb boobs and very friendly and open in nature. We used to chat during lunchtime every day and were pretty much open about everything. She even shared naughty gossip which she heard from other girls.

For example, she told me Sailee slept with Rohit, etc. We were very open about stuff and wouldn’t hide anything from each other. Both were kinky but never got a chance to explore our kink. The day of our kinky adventure came during college festival.

We were planning our department festival neatly. Both of us were in charge of only sponsorship related activity. We do not like decorations and stuff so we opted out of it. Our job was to find some good brands who can sponsor small events during the fest. I have many friends running small firms.

It was not very hard. On the first day, Shrushti and I met 2 of my friends and both of them agreed to support. The only thing we had to do is submit a small letter with detailed information about the events and some photographs to them. We decided to work on it at her house after college.

We left college early the next day and went to her house. We opened her laptop and typed a document with all the details. Her mom helped us to correctly arrange the points. It took us 2 hours. Her mom and dad were leaving to go to her grandparents in Mumbai that evening.

Her mom was busy packing but made some tea for us. We started chatting after work. Our work for the fest was done. We were very relaxed as our weekend was fully free. Her mom left after her dad returned from the office. She bid me a goodbye and asked me to accompany Shrushti for dinner if I wanted.

I was happy to. We then started looking on her laptop for some pictures to use on in our document. She went outside to order some food for us. While browsing I found a folder titled important project in her laptop. Curiously I opened it. It had many folders inside. I checked the sizes of all and one was of 8gb.

I opened it, and to my astonishment. It was filled with BDSM porn. The most thrilling photos were Shrushti’s selfies, with clothes drying pins on her nipples. I couldn’t believe myself. I was about to close the folder when I heard her voice, “You liked what you saw?” I couldn’t utter a word.

She started laughing. “I know you’re into such stuff too, I have seen your browser history so many times.” I came to my senses. I realized what was coming and stood up. I pulled her close to me and whispered, “Daddy’s going to bang you hard tonight,” in her ears.

She pressed her palm against my crotch and exclaimed “Ohh yes?” I kissed her forehead and held her waist tightly. I started feeling her tight ass over her trousers and my lips were busy kissing her cheeks and neck. It was getting hot in the room and the mood was building up.

I held her ass tight and squeezed it, as soon as she moaned I put my lips over her lips and smooched her. She loved it and started smooching intensely. Our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth and saliva was being exchanged. My hands were sliding on her ass over the trousers and squeezing her round ass.

I slid my hands in her shirt and felt her bare back. I held her real tight, her boobs were crushing between us. I increased smooching intensity. My tongue was exploring her mouth and I was pumping my saliva in her mouth. She was enjoying it and was feeling my hands caress her back and waist.

Slowly I stopped kissing and looked in her green eyes, she was lustfully staring at me. I pushed her to the bed and pulled off her shirt. She was wearing a blue bra. I took off my shirt and threw it away. I pushed her and asked her if she had any rope or thread. Luckily she had a small cotton rope in her cupboard.

I tied her hands together to the bedpost. She was excited about this naughty venture and was moaning all the time. I had taken off her bra before tying her to the bed. I went onto her right away. I kept my mouth on her neck and started kissing gently. I suckled on her collar and then moved to her shoulders.

I licked around the shoulders and caressed them. I slid my tongue to her armpits and enjoyed licking around them and kissing them. All the while, she was moaning softly. I came to her cleavage, she was sweating due to the heat. I placed my face in the cleavage and started nudging her soft boobs.

Those dusky colored melons were heavenly. It was like feeling soft cream on my cheeks. I kept my lips in the cleavage and licked the soft flesh. I kissed around the boobs and licked around with my tongue. I then took her entire boob in my mouth and increased the intensity of sucking.

I squeezed the other boob really hard and pinched the n.i.p.p.l.e. I started biting gently on the nipple and at the same time twisted the other nipple. She cried out in pain, “Vicky!” she exclaimed. I sucked harder and tried nibbling on her nipples. I did the same to both her boobs. She was feeling the pain.

I came up and saw her face, some tears were rolling down her cheeks. I held her nipples pinched them really hard and asked, “Who is a slut of her master?”

“I am your slut, master, you own me and my body,” she exclaimed. Her body was all wet and sticky due to sweat and saliva. Her boobs were fully red by now. I held them and massaged them for a while. I then pulled off her trousers. She was wearing green panty. It was entirely drenched with her juices.

I smelled the panty and started sucking around the panty. My hands were caressing her thighs. I was squeezing them and rubbing them. I raised my hands and slapped her thighs real hard. She screamed in pain due to sudden slap and I rubbed the slapped region. I teased her by tickling around the panty.

I started licking her panty and pressed my tongue against her p.u.s.s.y. I was tasting her juices. I loved the taste. I slowly started pulling her panty down with my teeth. I pulled it down till her knees and finally took it off. I slowly blew some air over her pussy to tease her.

She moaned, “Master please don’t tease me,” she said. I spanked her pussy gently and said, “I own this hole, I can do anything.” As I spanked her p.u.s.s.y she moaned again, the pussy was wet and dripping. My spanks were causing a thumping sound. It turned me on. I took off my underpants and came near her.

I did not have a condom so I just started teasing her pussy with my dick. I placed it on her pussy entrance and rubbed it on the clit. I rubbed it around the pussy and spanked the p.u.s.s.y again. She was going mad with pain and pleasure. I finally started licking her pussy.

I placed my tongue on her clit and suckled in it. Then I put my tongue in the hole and gulped all the juices. I started tongue f.u.c.k.i.n.g her and increased my pace. My hands were caressing her thighs which was a bigger turn on for her. Finally, her pussy constricted on my mouth.

For the first time, I experienced how a slut squirts. She literally sprayed her cum on my face. Her moans filled the room. Her pussy was shivering for a few seconds and she came down with a load of cum. I gulped down whatever I could manage.

She had closed her eyes and her fists were holding on the rope tightly. I kept on licking till the last drop. Then I laid on top of her sweaty sticky and red body for a while. She was panting real bad due to the amazing orgasm. I caressed her boobs while she rested. I then made her stand up and I sat on a sofa.

I pulled her hair and made her suck my dick. It was really hard and oozing with precum. She placed her lips wide around my dick head. First, she licked the shaft, then she licked the top and spread the precum all over the dick. She then slowly started giving me one of the best blow-job I ever had.

She was moving up and down over my muscular dick. She was taking it deep inside her mouth, occasionally gagging on it. She increased the pace. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and told her, “I am cum-ming.” She held my dick and asked me to spray on her boobs and some on her face. I came a lot.

First I sprayed on her boobs, the cum trickled down her boobs to nipples. She spread it there with her fingers. The last few drops she sucked on my dick and gulped the load. We then laid on the sofa, her sweaty sticky body on my naked muscular body. I held her tight.

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:55 PM

Well, it may not be the nastiest thing I’ve done, but I was certainly part of it. I have other stories, but I’m gonna use this one.

I was on a choir trip to Disney World in the mid part of my high school career. You got stacked into a room with three other guys, and from there, you chose how you’d sleep. I chose to sleep on the floor, so I could have, basically, my own accommodations.

I woke up, in the middle of the night, and one of the other guys had moved down to the floor, close to me, and had his hand down the back of my pants.

He was touching my ass.

I can’t remember if I had a girlfriend at the time, but I had many girl friends. I was a virgin. — This was awkward, and, in fact, scary.

I had chosen to make a pallet in front of the TV, and this was one of those ’90s giant TVs. They didn’t necessarily have giant screens, but they were giant, projection TVs. — They weighed a bunch.

I was basically frozen when I awoke to this notion that this dude had his hand down the back of my pants, grabbing my butt, touching — I didn’t know if he was going to go for the gold (I mean, go to the front), or what.

I pretended to be asleep. I started thinking that, if I woke up and accused him of what he was doing, that he would pull the TV off the stand and onto me, killing me. — I was pretty young.

After quite a while, I rolled over and coughed, or something, and went to the restroom, ostensibly, to pee or something. I stayed in there for a while, not knowing what to do next, — I didn’t need to pee — and, then I went back and lay down in the same spot; covered up. Surely, that would end it.

Within a few minutes, the guy started putting his hand down the back of my pajama pants, and then I was wondering if he was going to enter my underwear.

It was so odd. — Still, I was afraid that this would all end with my face part of the broken glass and interior of the giant TV on the stand above me.

Before anything more could happen, I pretended to wake up again, and got into the bed with one of my best friends and just slept there. — You don’t necessarily want to sleep in the same bed with another of your guy friends, but it’s not like it would be weird. — So, I ended up there.

When we got back from the trip, I told my various best friends what had happened, and if you can believe it, they did not believe me.

A particular friend of mine, whom I’d assumed, by then, was gay, was most vocal about not believing me. He was almost disgusted that I had made the allegation, informally.

Eventually, I made the allegation formally to my teacher and the administration, and an assistant principal called me in to his office and asked, amazingly: “What do you want done with this?”

He basically asked me if I wanted the guy to be investigated, or punished. — In retrospect, 20 years later — how inappropriate that question was!

Who was I to tell an adult in charge of students how to do his job? — In middle school, I had been sent to alternative school for two weeks for making a joke about the breasts, or lack thereof, of a girl friend of mine. Administration called that sexual misconduct.

When she had been around a couple of friends, I had said, “Motorboats, motorboats, flat!”

Her father was a coach and a junior-level history teacher at the high school, and I had him as my teacher. I took this girl out on a date that year, picking her up in my car, and he and his wife told my mother they were so embarrassed that the school had treated me the way they did when I was that age.

They were so unconcerned that I had committed sexual misconduct with their daughter that they let me take her out on an unsupervised date in later years. — I was just a dumb kid.

I also never slipped my hand down the back of her pants when she was asleep.

This dude was questioned by the assistant high school principal, and he denied doing what I said he did. However, he did, eventually, admit to doing it to my gay friend, and then it spread around that I was not a liar.

However, it was never taken as being a serious infraction.

These high school band and choir trips, in recent years, had been fraught with examples of students having consensual sex. — On a shorter choir trip, just for UIL competition, one of the guys who’d gone was found in a supposedly locked room anally penetrating one of the home school’s male cheerleaders. And, that’s just one example.

The last thing our school administration wanted was another example of sexual behavior (or misbehavior) coming to light.

Getting groped was not really what was nasty, to me. It’s how nothing was done, and — even after admitting to it — the guy, who was a drum major in the military marching band with me — had nothing happen to him.

I mentioned a girl’s breasts and got alternative school. — He groped my ass and got nothing.

That is gross.

Not being believed by my good friends (not all of them, but some), and it being dismissed by the high school administrators — that was gross.

The guy is now married, with several children, and he is a preacher of some sorts. Around lots of children. — Not even Catholic.

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