What was the scariest weapon in the Vietnam War?

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Jan 15, 2020 02:59 PM 1 Answers
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What was the scariest weapon in the Vietnam War?

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Oct 01, 2021

The Scariest weapon utilized during the war was terrifying, beyond belief, it made even the bravest men quiver in their boots, that weapon, that struck so much fear was..

The country they were fighting in. The Vietnam war was a body count war, a bloodbath of hate and fear, where we were fighting a war that no one wanted, a war that seemed to make no progress despite our efforts, their armies still seemed to thrive, the very civilians in Vietnam gave our troops dirty looks. The US Military faced a large degree of troubles in the forests of Vietnam and in the small villages they came across due to VC presence, paranoid fear of someone being a Guerrilla fighter, etc. and something far more sinister that welcomed them..

Booby traps. Punji sticks (Top image) layered out around the forest in pits disguised as the very ground itself, take the wrong step and you’d plunge into the spikes, more often than not, they were covered in feces, adding to the serious amount of pain and trauma, they would be guaranteed to get infected and die a slow and painful death. More traps were spiked balls triggered via wires, two step charlies, very venomous vipers nailed onto doorways and trees waiting for an unlucky GI to step by and even sabotaged flag poles and cigarette lighters. These lighters would explode in a soldier’s hand with the force to seriously maim them, easily resulting in the loss of their hand. Fighting in the country itself was just pure hell.

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