What was the strangest way a criminal was caught?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 14, 2020 04:43 AM

Mr. and Mrs. Shrivastava lived two houses next to mine.

On a hot summer day, the Shrivastavas were robbed when they were out vacationing. Thieves had stolen trivial things – some cash lying around, lamps, books, tape recorder (boombox) with cassettes, fans, tube lights, etc.

This was reported to the local police but the thieves were not caught and no progress was made due to lack of evidence.

A few months passed by…

Mrs. Shrivastava suffered heartburn and was admitted to the local hospital for a day. Her husband was accompanying her.

They were in the hospital’s general ward when another patient (male) checked into the neighboring bed with a companion (again male). The two beds were separated by a thin curtain. The Shrivastavas couldn’t see who they were but could hear the patient talking with his companion who appeared to be his son.

The son told his dad to lie down and get some rest. He said he will play some music which will help his father relax.

A song started playing which made Mrs. Shrivastava happy as it was her favorite Bhojpuri song. The song ended and next started. This again was one of her favorites, and so were the third and fourth.

Just when the fifth song started playing, Mrs. Shrivastava sensed a pattern. The songs were in exact order which she had been listening to since ages. She leaned towards her husband and whispered “I believe that these guys have our stollen tape recorder. And they are playing songs from our cassette.”

Mr. Shrivastava got up and moved the curtain enough to get a peak. As expected, the tape recorder lying on the bedside table was theirs. He called the police and the father-son duo was arrested. They became the laughing stock of the town.

It turned out the father was a local plumber who had noticed Shrivastavas’ were not at home and had taken advantage of their absence.

Post credit scene: The case was moved to a local district court which was 30 km away from the town. The thief and Mr. Shrivastava traveled together on the hearing day on the same bus. They started sitting next to each other after a while. Mr. Shrivastava even started trusting the thief so much that he used to tell him to guard his bag while he went on a loo break.

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