What was your most embarrassing moment in front of a doctor?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 23, 2020 02:27 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 23, 2020 02:27 PM

I was 10, going on 11 years old, staying at a daycare center during the day after school, because my mom didn’t like the kind of neighborhood we lived in. The administrator of the daycare center told me one day that she had to take me to the doctor’s office because my mom was unable I get the day off from work to take me and for me not to worry it was just a regular checkup make sure everything was okay with me at the doctor’s office the doctor came in asked the lady that brought me some general questions about allergies my age and developmental issues a voice lady didn’t know the answers to the doctor said no worries just have me take my clothes off and wait a few minutes when the doctor came back in she reminded me that she needed me to take all my clothes off because she needed to examined me naked I didn’t like the idea take my underwear off in front of the lady running the daycare center because I had poor body image and was afraid of what she would think of me if she saw my penis and scrotum sack uncovered altering the doctor tried to reassure me that I had nothing that they hadn’t seen before that I could relax and stop worrying about it the lady that brought me there pointed out that her son was the same age I was and he never worried about these things and I never seem to have a problem with him seeing me naked when changing clothes are going to the bathroom so it would be okay to do so in front of her her the doctor was becoming impatient with me as I started to cry begging them not to make me take off my underwear and she reached out and yank my briefs down and lifted me up onto the examination table she pointed out areas that my mom needed to pay close attention to in regards to development and hygiene wow examining my penis and scrotum sack and spreading my legs to run her fingers over my perineal area telling her that she needed to examine this area carefully immediately after my physical was done to make sure that my geranium and scrotal sac we’re smooth and free of excess oiliness or sores I was not happy about this having both these ladies touching my private areas pulling on my scrotum sack but the doctor told me to stop whining that they both seen it before and that this nice lady was kind enough to bring me in to have me looked at and that neither one was seeing anything they haven’t seen before when I was told to roll over onto my stomach the doctor told me not to raise a fuss cuz she was going to have to spread my cheeks and have a good look inside me the lady that brought me there smiled at me and reassured me that she wouldn’t look if I didn’t want her to I told her I didn’t want her to but when I felt my cheeks being pulled apart by the doctor the lady that brought me there smiled gave my hand away squeeze and looks between my cheeks for the doctor indicated paying close attention too the stretching of my anus and the insertion of the doctors finger inside guess you showed her how to examine my colon and prostate this is not the first time I had gotten an erection but it is the first time anyone other than my grandmother my best friend a girl my own age and the neighbor girl of my grandmother’s had ever seen me stiff like that so it took some time first this nice ladyad to convince me that I had nothing to be ashamed of I wanted my mother to be proud of me cooperating with this lady for helping her out when she couldn’t bring me there herself so I submitted too the examination the doctor told her to conduct on me, without complaint, or attempting to cover myself. I apologized for acting like a child, but I was so afraid of what you would think of me after seeing how gross I am down there. She laughed and insisted I had nothing to be embarrassed about, so for me to please not worry. She asked me not to feel bad, as I was completely normal, and standing up the way I was down there, only meant that I was growing up and becoming a man. knowing that she cared so much about how I felt about about her seeing me naked made me feel a lot less violated when she had me bend over and spread my cheeks, because I knew ske cared about my well being enough to explain things, and reassured me that I had nothing to be embarrassed about as I felt her finger being inserted and twisted inside me, and her other fingers probing around my nuts, or, testicles, as she politely corrected me. When she relayed this information to my mom, her letting her know how cooperative I had been, made the whole ordeal, well, less of an ordeal.

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