What was your weirdest date ever?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 14, 2020 04:53 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 14, 2020 04:54 AM

Infamous Tinder Date. (Disclaimer: No Judging )

So I matched with this girl. ( Yeah, I get matches :P). So generally I don’t message much, just casual one-liner and see how she reacts. If she reacts good enough, showing interest then I reply, otherwise I just don’t. So initially, we chatted. It was good. But pretty soon it appeared as if she had nothing to do other than me. Messaging continuously, calling again and again. And when we talked, even after a long conversation, I had to literally plead to hang up.

So I obviously wasn’t much interested because can’t handle when someone comes too strong. But she was continuously asking to meet. And agreed. Like a courtesy. Also, this all happened suddenly. She called and say come. I am repeatedly declining. But she continuously calling. So I just couldn’t handle and I went. So here is how it goes:

Now I expected her to be weird, but not that much. Now I am a shy guy. So even before holding hands, I think a lot. But she pulled me by my hand into hell filled metro and since beginning, she was just attached to me. (Man I was so uncomfortable and also embarrassed). I would try to pull myself back, but she just found excuse to come closer.

Then we reached cafe. And first, she pulls off her lipstick. Applies it. And asks me

She : Do you want it ?.

Me: No. I am okay. ( Obviously duh!)

She: No, not from lipstick. How about directly from me?

Anyways as I was recovering from such a joke. We went to the cafe, placed an order.

So as we were eating, she just couldn’t stay normal. She wanted to test how much I am into her. So first she just horrifically painted the straw with her lipstick, and now wanted me to drink exactly from there. Now I find this gross. At least I wasn’t feeling like. So I again declined. Also we were eating fries. Both had separate containers. Now generally what do you expect ? You eat from your own, I from mine. And if you are romantically involved, just once in a while you make her eat with your hands. But here’s what she did. She just inserted her finger in my mouth. And start feeling the lips. This was just too much.

So I quickly finished up, and said I have to leave. I went to Bus Stop, to drop her. ( Chivalrous me !) Now as we were waiting for the bus. She was randomly moving her hands. And I don’t know 5–6 time “happened to” touch my dick.

Man, that was some experience. First thing I did, was to make sure I blocked her from everywhere. Since then, always picky and extra cautious.

After that. I called my friend. Went to her place. Ate pani patashi (<3), talked all night long and laughed it off.

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