What were some unexpected/ funny ways criminals got caught?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 14, 2020 04:55 AM

The name of the criminal is Ershad Shikder. He was the talk of the country when he got caught and later executed. Before how he got caught I am giving his history.

In southwest part of Bangladesh there is a divisional town named Khulna. In early 80’s the rise of the most infamous killer of this country occurred. In early life he was a porter of the ferry of Bhairab river and later he turned into the controller of the area. Killing, raping, grabbing land of other was his left hand task. His cruelty was known to the whole country.
His victims were mostly his competitors and their well-wishers. He harmed poor people rarely. They used to get helps from him. By getting the support of low income people around Bhairab river Ershad grew very powerful. He even controlled the law enforcement of Khulna.

He used to cut the hands of his enemy if he is less harmful. Otherwise their consequences was fixed, painful death. Ershad used to jump on the chest to break the vertebrates, break bones with dumbells which were supposed to be used for breaking ice. Sample in picture.

After killing he used to sink the bodies in Bhairab river with stones or feed the bodies to African magur fish. He specially created a pond for these african magur fish. He had several concentration camp in different location of Khulna.

How he was arrested:
He dug two fake grave in local graveyard. He used to hide there when police came to arrest him. During the Awami League rule of 1996–2001 he was declared a most wanted. But police failed in each of their raids and operations to grab him.
He was arrested in July or August of 1999. And he got caught on his own will. He wanted to show everybody how powerful he was. In the morning of that day as planned he gave a speech in front of the railway station of Khulna. He requested everybody there to pray for him. At that time police van arrived and a chaos started. While the chaos, he himself jumped into the police van. Thus for the first and last time he was arrested.

With huge bravery the police commissioner of Khulna city Anawarul Ikbal ensured that he would not be released by bribing or pressure from powerful acquaintance of Ershad Shikder.
Ershad’s own bodyguard Noor-E-Alam confessed to police about his crime. According to him this killer killed more than 60 people by his own hands. Ershad Shikder raped Noor-E-Alam’s wife. May be out of that grudge he back-stabbed. Ershad Shikder was executed by hanging until death on 10 May 2004. Noor has recently come out of jail after serving 20 years sentence.

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