What were the British war crimes during WW2?

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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 19, 2020 05:01 PM

The worst British war crime occurred immediately following World War II in Europe, when their government turned over to the Soviet forces tens of thousands of anti-Soviet Cossacks, whom the British authorities knew were going to be slaughtered by Joseph Stalin’s murderous minions—which they promptly were. (This enabling of mass murder by Britain was part of the underlying plot line to the James Bond film “Goldeneye.”)

Aside from the British nighttime “area bombing” (which was actually terror bombing) mentioned in other answers, Britain also engaged in violations of neutrality by militarily occupying Egypt (1939) and Iran (‘41, in conjunction with the Soviets). The British plan (‘40) to invade and control north-central Norway, which German intelligence discovered, led to Germany moving first via invading Denmark and Norway—both countries which likely could have remained neutral throughout the war had Britain been willing to respect Norweigan neutrality.

The British lied about their intention to occupy Norway for several decades after the war’s conclusion. When two German admirals (Erich Raeder and Karl Doenitz), on trial for war crimes in Nuremberg (‘45–46), defended their country’s invasion of Norway by citing the British plan to do the same, Britain dishonestly denied their truthful assertion—in fact, it was the British prosecutors who insisted on including Germany’s outmaneuvering of their country in Scandinavia as a “war crime.”

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