What will be the impact of a 21-day complete lockdown …

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What will be the impact of a 21-day complete lockdown in India?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 08, 2020 01:38 PM

Originally Answered: What could be the adversities of the 21-day lockdown on India?

Following are the adversities of the 21 day lockdown on India.

Economic growth would further slowdown since people are forced to stay indoor and only essential services are being offered. The worst hit industries would be transport (road, rail, air), trade, entertainment, banks. Pharma and media would be the obvious benefiaries.
While we may save deaths from coronavirus, I fear people will die from malnutrition. People around me are busy in hoarding the essential items since we have the luxury of having money. Spare a thought for the daily wage earners who cannot get any work. How will they eat? How will they live? I think and it scares the shit out of me. I hope that the government provides economic stimulus to the poor.
Banking industry could potentially have higher NPA (Non Performing Assets) both from retail and corporate loan. Since the salaried class may observe cuts in salary and sudden increase in expenditure, there can be defaults on loan EMI. The lockdown would impact the earnings of many businesses and thereby their ability to service the debt.
Academic institutions and their calendar may be impacted. Students have to face uncertainty and anxiousness owing to this abrupt break during their exams and alter their future plans accordingly.

Despite the above adversities, I feel that the government has taken the right step. I just hope they provide the essentials free of cost to the poor and needy or else malnutrition related causalities could be significantly greater than corona virus cases.

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