What will cause the ultimate collapse of The USA?

Mudassir Ali
Apr 07, 2020 09:14 AM 0 Answers
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What will cause the ultimate collapse of The USA?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 07, 2020 09:14 AM

I’ve lived in America for 3 years now and there’s only one thing I believe can kill off America – and that’s apathy.

I see so many – too many – young people here apparently “disillusioned” with “the System”. I know several American students here who simply don’t “believe” in voting, because it’s all “rigged”. What the fuck does that even mean? Last I heard, this was a place where people have a say in who leads them!

Unless something directly affects American kids, they can’t seem to care:

Black people dying – fuck it, it’s their problem. Anyway, I can’t discuss it openly without everyone getting all hot and bothered so let’s just not talk about it at all.

Polluted water in Flint – fuck it, it’s their problem.

Soldiers fighting constant battles, being mired in wars they cannot win – fuck it, we’ve always done it.

Donald and Hillary – fuck it, it’s rigged.

Income inequality, poor and expensive Healthcare – fuck it, my parents are rich and I’m still young.

No paid maternity leave – fuck it, I’m not a mom.

The 18–30 age group simply does not seem to care to discuss national and international politics and pertinent social issues in any sort of intellectual, well-informed way.

Of course when they do want to talk about Flint, Michigan it goes: “Yeah, did you see what happened in Flint?” or “Damn, I hope they sue Obama!” or “I heard Eminem asked people to donate water to Flint”.

Who the fuck cares about that sensationalist crap? What about the underlying problem of frickin’ lead poisoning?? The fact that over 10,000 kids may now have brain damage? How did we cause this to happen? How can we prevent this from happening in future?

Or like the times we talk about the Syria crisis. Another dead baby on a beach, or another injured boy in an ambulance. Sensationalist videos of crying news anchors get 1,000,000+ likes. But what about discussing foreign policy instead? Or figuring out which presidential candidate addresses the issue best? Or making it a point to make these candidates address these issues in the first place?

None of my American friends knew Obama had given his last State of the Union Speech a few months ago. It was historic, it was patriotic, it was uplifting. I felt so much pride that I’d landed on these shores. But it blew me away that no young person seemed to give a damn other than sharing some stupid buzzfeed videos about it.

The first black President of the most powerful country in the planet just addressed the nation at a historic assembly for the last time. He spoke about where America was 10 years ago, where it is now, where it is heading..and the people who are going to be a part of that future didn’t seem to care.

Every day American troops give their lives up in the Middle East fighting never-ending wars. But while Americans are supposedly patriotic and celebrate their veterans – the young people aren’t fighting hard enough to get them their due health benefits. You know what, I don’t think most young people even know they have veterans issues.

Maybe I’m an outsider, maybe I don’t really know the average American youth and I’ve just got the wrong impression. All I know is that in the rest of the world, people in the 18–30 age group are the firebrands. Passionately demanding change and determined to make the future better and brighter…and certainly not depending on a 50-year old ex-Daily Show host to give them the news and effect change.

Maybe America is already so good and so bright that it has blinded people to the flaws it continues to possess. The trouble with flaws is that they tend to widen and it requires vigilance to patch them up and keep them at bay….but I don’t see vigilance – I see apathy.

I hope I’m wrong.

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