What will happen if there is a coronavirus outbreak in India?

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  1. Originally Answered: How is India affected by the coronavirus?
    The first case of the Novel Coronavirus in India was confirmed in Kerala; the patient is a female student at Wuhan University, on 30th January 2020. She had traveled back to her home town.

    Two more cases were confirmed from the same state of Kerala. All three patients’ conditions are reported to be stable. They are kept in isolation and being observed.The Kerala state government has declared a ‘state calamity’.

    The government authorities have taken many measures to prevent the further spread of the virus.

    Travel advisories are being revised as and when new updates are being confirmed about the coronavirus.Anyone with a travel history to China since 15th January could be kept in quarantine.The government has also issued a travel warning to China and urged people to refrain from visiting the country.E-Visa facilities have been blocked for the time being for Chinese nationals. E-Visa already issued will also be invalid.Further, the online facility for submitting an application for a physical visa from China is also suspended.Chinese nationals who have a compelling reason to visit India are being asked to contact the Indian consulate at Shanghai or Guangzhou, or the embassy in Beijing.The Ministry of Civil Aviation has issued instructions to all national and international airlines to comply with the above advisory for their operations from China.

    The Indian government has evacuated its nationals (around 650 in number) from Wuhan in two batches. Air India flights fetched the Indian nationals who were stranded in Wuhan, along with 7 Maldivian nationals as well.Most of the Indians were students who were pursuing studies in China.The rescued people were subject to quarantine on arrival for medical examinations.

    Airports are screening passengers in 21 airports, international seaports and border crossings, especially with Nepal.All flights from Thailand, Singapore, China and Hong Kong are being screened.Additionally, 2815 people in various Indian states and UTs are under surveillance.

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