What will happen if there is a coronavirus outbreak in India?

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  1. Coronavirus is a common virus which was not so common before the Chiense outbreak in late 2019 ,but it belongs to the same category of Rhino Viruses which are responsible for Common Cold , which lasts for 2–3 days or so and we never had any treatment for them instead of Paracetamols or so …?
    So the outbreak in India is also very likely to happen very soon , India is lucky as it gets time before many people can be affected and any treatment for the diesease is Invented . But as soon as it spreads in India , It is going to become a PANDEMIC , thanks to –

    1. Second largest world population
    2. Ineffective government and its implementation strategies which are very likely to fail as always
    3. Lack of technology and awareness
    4. Changing weather , helping Innovative viruses spread rapidly
    5. Warm and Moist weather ( relative to China )

    What can happen ?
    Not much will happen , but whatever will happen due to Coronavirus is very less likely to impact the nation , rather other problems and issues which will arise due to the spead of COROAVIRUS ,like the

    1. Fake news
    2. High Inflation
    3. Crashing Market and economy
    4. war like situation In India
    5. Black marketing of goods
    6. Hoarding of Goods

    and what not , lets see , I will update once we welcome the Virus in India on an epedemic Scale

    • rail, road, water and air travel from such location will be immediately stopped.
    • the infected locations will be sealed just like they have done in China immediately.
    • our export will be immediately affected, especially which are carbon and water based that means garments, eatable etc.
    • foreign tourists will stop coming to India.
    • Indian visitors to foreign countries will seen with suspicion
    • there will be great panic every where in India.
    • lot of blame game will start.
    • some doctors especially government doctors will proceed on long leave, fearing their own lives due to possible infections.
    • even social unrest may start.

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