What will it cost to make this problem go away? How much money will you take to get us out of this

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:18 AM

It was my last year in my country of origin before I moved to America for my university studies.

I was 22, had just graduated from medical school and was working as a physician at the municipal charity hospital for the one year internship period that was mandatory.

The internship rotated through all the major hospital departments and this time I was posted for 6 weeks in emergency medicine.

It was a Saturday night, which used to be the worst time of the week for EM. People would go to clubs and parties, get drunk, and then meet with a number of accidents. The Saturday night shift was so notoriously bad that any intern willing to take it, got a free day off.

This night it was my turn. I had checked in at 8 p.m. to work until 4 a.m. the next morning.

Sometime after midnight, they wheeled in this old fellow who had met with such a horrible accident, it was unusually gory even by our standards (we were used to seeing blood and bone all over the place).

His pelvic bones were completely shattered, his lower abdomen crushed. There was little chance that he would survive.

We wheeled him in for emergency surgery and then minutes later, these two brash young men walked in.

They’d been driving drunk like madmen on their way to a party and had hit the poor man. This victim was a security guard manning the gates of a housing community and these guards are typically paid very poorly. So there’s no question about their economic status.

The perps looked annoyed more than contrite. They were impatient to get to their party. Talk about priorities, let alone empathy.

I knew the character of the head physician manning the team that night. He was an honest man of integrity and I knew unmistakably that these two assholes were in big trouble.

That’s when they walked up to me and asked me how much money we’d take to cover the whole thing up.

In the heat of attending to the patient, I had ignored them but once I got back they looked very annoyed and asked me that again.

I have known a lot of bad men in my life but this sheer arrogance and contempt for a fellow human’s life was at a whole new level. I can honestly say that even for a man like me given to dark emotions more frequently than most other souls, there have been only a handful of times in my life where I have felt such a deep sense of anger.

I looked at them with the kind of utterly plain and emotionless expression that comes over my face when I feel not an atom of either pity or even mercy for a man.

To their repeated haranguing about what they could do to get out of this predicament, I replied with a deadpan face

“You chose a very bad night to do this. I’ve called the police already and they’ll be here within a few minutes. Prepare what you want to say before them, call your attorney if you need to.

The head physician and I will recount every gory detail to the cops. Now forget your party, take it easy and sit down. Have a glass of water and I could get you something to eat.

Cheer up. Come on smile now, because your lives won’t ever be the same again.”

Within the hour, they were arrested and marched off to prison.

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