What would be the global consequences If the United States …

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What would be the global consequences If the United States collapses today?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 07, 2020 09:16 AM

We have to consider what type of collapse before you can consider an accurate answer.

The aftermath of a gradual decline into weakness is very different from an utter defeat in a savage war, which is very different from what happens after you slam your economy into the dumper.

However, there are some general assumptions you could make about what would happen in the vacuum left by the US’ absence.

Obviously, there would be a severe upswing in violence around the world. Weak nations who depend on the US for security assistance would be hung out to dry. There would be a flare-up of civil wars, and conflicts that had been held down by US guaranteed treaties.

Another result would be a great decline in maritime security, resulting in larger numbers of ships and people lost at sea from accidents and piracy. The US Navy is the primary guarantor of freedom of navigation and safety–none of the world’s navies combined currently have the capacity to pick up the slack. This in turn would drive up insurance and travel costs, resulting in a serious decline in global trade and damaging the world economy.

The decline in demand for imported products in the US would put millions of people out of work in other nations, along with depriving those nations of reciprocal trade items like high end industrial machinery, pharmaceutical products, military equipment, aircraft and helicopters, ships and boats, along with some raw materials.

The United States is probably the most popular destination for investment in the world because of its secure financial system. Trillions of dollars in wealth would be destroyed, probably a greater calamity than the Tokyo market meltdown in 89-90, which reportedly destroyed more assets than all the wars in history.

A number of countries would suffer severe food shortages from a lack of US imports, spikes in food prices, strangling of trade, along with shortages of critical farming technology like fertilizers and harvesting machinery.

The UN’s global philanthropic efforts would largely collapse, resulting in a global increase in human suffering and death amongst the most vulnerable.

All in all, any sort of US “collapse” would benefit no one, no matter how it occurred. It would be the equivalent of the fall of the Roman Empire, only on a far, far larger scale.

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