What would happen if a non-Muslim sneaks into Mecca?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 01, 2020 02:47 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 01, 2020 02:47 PM

It makes me laugh how everybody in this section is just making assumptions about what could happen. Ok, let me explain.

For non-Muslims, it’s not allowed both religiously and legally to enter Mecca or Madinah and the areas around them. In the past, like maybe 100 years ago, it was a bit easier for non-Muslims to sneak into Mecca but in the modern time because of all the advancements in this issue, it’s almost impossible to enter.

Here in Saudi Arabia, intentionally attempting to enter Mecca or Madinah can result in many severe punishments like direct deportation from the kingdom and a permanent ban from Saudi Arabia along with a big fine and many times it can be getting whipped. The highway was deliberately built 50 miles away from Mecca to keep non-Muslims far away. Plus, even before that, if you’re a foreigner you have to get a Visa to the kingdom and part of the Visa process is knowing the places you’re going to visit in the kingdom. For non-Muslims, it’s very hard to get a Visa to Saudi Arabia and usually, it will be accepted if you were coming for work reasons or business and stuff like that. But if you applied for a tourist Visa in Saudi Arabia (even though little people come for tourism in Saudi Arabia) it can be accepted but it’s a very long process and it’s not insured or guaranteed. For Muslims, it’s much easier to get a Visa but if they’re going to Mecca sometimes if they have doubt in the person they’ll ask you for a certificate from an appointed Imam that they approve of. There are many checkpoints on the roads leading to Mecca or Madinah and usually, if they have doubt they’ll get you out and ask many questions and you’ll go through many checks. In 2016, there are 9 checkpoints in and out of Mecca and Madinah and the areas around them to ensure that people with no permits cannot enter.

If you ever travel on the travel roads you’ll pass through a lot of these signs on your way. This one is for Makkah.

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