What would happen if it were legal to farm ivory?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 24, 2020 05:04 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 24, 2020 05:05 AM

In the US a law will go into effect. here is a a paragraph from the article.

Selling ivory is now prohibited, with few exceptions, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe said Wednesday. Preexisting items manufactured with ivory such as musical instruments used in orchestras, furniture and items such as firearms containing fewer than 200 grams are exempt. Antiques at least a century old are also exempt, but owners must prove an artifact’s age through a professional appraisal or some other document that can be verified, he said.

Ivory dealers and collectors said century-old artifacts worth an estimated $11.9 billion will be worthless when the rule goes into effect in about a month because proving their age will be too difficult. Large auction houses such as Sotheby’s distanced themselves from the material months ago, refusing to sell it.

The reasons for this global elimination of ivory trade is to end the demand for ivory thus ending the poaching of hundreds of thousands of elephants and other animals for profit.

here is a link ton the article fora more in depth explanation about h entire problem.

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