What’s a more dangerous infectious disease threat than Ebola?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 10, 2020 06:28 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 10, 2020 06:28 PM

Thank you for the A2A:

The answer to this question depends entirely on what you mean by dangerous. As it is we have diseases like Influenza, malaria and TB that kill more people each year than Ebola comes even close to.

Biggest killer in history: Smallpox is probably the biggest killer in human history with many hundred million human lives lost to that specific pathogen.

Most contagious: Measles is a much more contagious disease and even though it isn’t as deadly as Ebola, the fact that virtually every human on earth would be infected in a modern society if vaccines weren’t around means that this disease has the potential to kill more people.

Long latency: HIV is problematic in that it has a very long latency and thus has the potential to spread to many individuals before an infected person realizes that they are in fact infected with the virus.

Highest case fatality: Rabies virus is more dangerous in that the case fatality rate is higher, there is virtually no chance of survival if you become infected and begin developing symptoms. But on the other hand, if you’re given post exposure prophylaxis you’ll be okay.

That said, when Ebola out breaks do occur, it is devious in that it resembles many other endemic diseases such as malaria in it’s early stages. This means that often times those that are infected in the beginning of epidemics are doctors and nurses, the very people needed to combat the spread of the disease. This often occurs in areas of the world where there isn’t exactly an abundance of these professions to begin with.

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