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  1. KFC has the chicken cut into 8 pieces, used to be 9, as they cut breasts into 3 pieces, 2 ribs, and the keel, or breast bone, which is just the one bone with more meal. When I worked at a KFC, we had the Thrift box, which was the, 9 pieces, but just chicken. The 9 pieces were 2 ribs, the keel, 2 wings, 2 thighs, and 2 legs. Now since they have changed how they get the chicken cut, it is 2 breasts and no keel.
    Unless you are getting all white or all dark meat, every 4 pieces is half the bird. So by deduction, the 12 piece should, be 3 of each, or 1 1/2 birds.
    With that you get 3 large sides of your choice, and 6 biscuits, and if there is a promotion on, a cake as a bonus.

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