What’s in a KFC wicked variety bucket?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 11, 2020 05:54 AM

Absolutely yes. KFC takes food safety extremely seriously, and follows global procedures in the preparation of our food.

All KFC chicken is cooked at 170 degrees Celsius and following specific holding times to make sure that the food is always 100% safe to eat and there is no possibility of microbial development in the food that is served to the customers.

A few common rumors and question that we have about KFC are:

KFC India imports leg pieces that Americans don’t eat?
No. KFC purchases 100 % of its chicken locally in India from the highest quality and reputed suppliers like Venky’s, Godrej and Suguna.

Sometimes there are red deposits in the chicken. Is it blood?
No. They marinate our chicken with herbs and spices and it’s freshly cooked at 170 degrees. It’s likely that sometimes, the marinade may get accumulated causing the chicken to look the way it does.

Is the packaging sustainable?
All there board packaging is from sustainable sources – we use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified board.

Is the chicken 100% chicken?
All the chicken is 100% naturally reared. Nothing is added to the chicken whatsoever.

Do they process the chicken?
No, none of the chicken is processed. They only serve whole pieces of leg, breast, rib, wing or thigh meat. Also products like Popcorn Chicken is made from whole pieces of boneless chicken that are cut down into bite size chunks.

Are the chickens mutated?
Absolutely not, that’s just a myth. All of the chickens are completely natural.

Does the chicken have antibiotics?
“The poultry suppliers follow the standards set by World Health Organisation (WHO) and only use antibiotics that are approved for veterinary use or for veterinary and human use (dual use).
Furthermore, as part of strict adherence to robust safety practices and processes that KFC follows, chicken supplied to KFC India is free from any antibiotic residue, as the chicken supplies are subjected to a withdrawal period specific to each medicinal treatment.”

Are the veggies sourced fresh or frozen?
They don’t use any frozen or preserved vegetables / salads. All our vegetables are absolutely fresh.

Do KFC products contain MSG?
Yes, some KFC products contain MSG which is as per FSSAI norms. As a responsible corporate citizen, KFC mentions this clearly in all its communication including product packaging, menu boards, website and television commercials.

Therefore no need to worry, just enjoy the damn chicken.

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