What’s the coronavirus, and are we all going to die from it?

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  1. It’s a virus. It’s deadly.


    In the town they found the Virus, there are 11.000.000 people, and so far, there are 1000 reported cases of infection. This means even in the focal point, you’d have 1/11000 chance of getting infected (so far).

    Deadly contagious viruses are a big problem and it should be addressed. It is. We should be concerned. We are. But there’s no need to panic, unless you live where the virus is, and even then. Vaccines are being developed, and even if they weren’t diseases don’t wipe out entire countries anymore, because of modern medicine, and much less the entire humanity.

    Yesterday my girlfriend heard of the virus, and, as it was told by the news, she thought we were all going to die (She was actually crying a bit). I get it is important that communication channels spread the news, but they should do it without spreading fear.

    I guess that sells better.

    By the way, do you remember Avian flu, Pork flu, SARS, and so many others in the last 20 years? “UUhhhhh. 2000 people are dead. This totally makes me forget the 600000 that die annually because of regular flu”.

    Is difficult to realize how big the world is, and how big the number (as in how many humans are there) is.

    Unless you run away from cows whanever you see one, you should not fear the fashion virus of the year.

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