What’s the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you or creepiest thing you’ve ever seen?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 19, 2020 05:25 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:25 AM

Originally Answered: What is the creepiest thing you have experienced in your entire life ?
We were living temporarily in a small rental house in Fairbanks, AK next door to this middle-aged Irish guy and his wife. The wife was really mousey and quiet but the guy was a talker and a bit odd. He constantly made comments about the young woman who lived with her boyfriend in the basement apartment of our house, which I found a little creepy but, hey, whatever.

One morning, my husband had a meeting in Anchorage so took a taxi to the airport super early, had his meeting and then flew home that evening. It was July 3rd — I remember it well because of what happened later. So, it is Alaska in the summer, which means it is still very light at 10:30pm. I am sitting in the front room reading, our one year old daughter is asleep in the bedroom and my hubby is in the other bedroom working on the computer. I see Ed, the neighbor, stride across our front porch and start to open our front door, which was unlocked like everyone’s there. I leap up and stop him as he is coming in the front door, asking what is up. He turns and looks out the front door, up and down the street, then closes the door and starts moving out of the entryway into the house as I back up. I notice he is wearing a dark coveralls, like what a mechanic wears (maybe he was a mechanic, I have no idea). Then he says gruffly “So, where’s (insert hubby’s name) then?” He had obviously seen him leave in the taxi that morning. And I say, “Oh, he’s in working on the computer, do you need to talk to him?” Ed undergoes a complete change of character and starts stammering, “Oh, no, no, that’s okay, don’t bother him” as hubby comes out into the living room asking “What’s up, Ed?” Ed stammers some more, says “It’s a windy night out there” and leaves. Hubby and I look at the other as Ed dashes away and both say, “Whoa, that was weird”. Weird in a very bad way.

So the next day, Ed comes to the door with this huge salmon filet, just something he wants to give us in celebration of July 4th but I’m sure he wanted to gauge our reaction to the previous night. Hubby tells him we really didn’t like him walking into our house without permission the night before —- Ed starts claiming that he knocked and I told him to come in (bullshit) —- and that he can keep his his fish and leave and we didn’t ever want to have any contact with him again. We called the police and reported his unlawful entry. We warned the young woman in the basement apartment that Ed was not to be trusted. She said Ed’s wife was back in Ireland for a visit so Ed was at home alone that week…

Ed came into our house that night to do something bad. I can’t say what but it was not a neighborly visit. He thought my husband was out of town, his wife was gone, he was wearing those coveralls, he checked the street to see if anyone saw him come into our house before closing the door… It’s not like I could have run out of the house if he attacked me because my daughter was there sleeping — which he knew. I still get freaked out thinking about it. Thank goodness my husband flew home after his meeting that evening or our lives would be very different today.

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