What’s the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you or creepiest thing you’ve ever seen?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 25, 2020 01:48 PM

Originally Answered: What is the creepiest thing that has ever actually happened to you?
Apart from my Muslim friends, my roommate, and me, no one believes that this actually happened.

It was during the first year of B.Tech. I was a hosteler. Our hostel was more like an apartment; each room like a single BHK flat. The hall has two beds and an attached kitchen and a balcony and the bedroom has two beds and an attached bathroom.

My roommate and I were occupants of the bedroom. When we enter the bedroom, to our left is the bathroom, and on our right, on either side of the room is a bed with two study tables in between. My bed was the one on the left and behind the bed was a window. We had a long curtain put up there and absolutely no light entered through it during the night.

That night, as usual, we stayed up late talking and went to bed at around 1 AM. My roommate switched off the lights and we laid on our beds.

Back then, I had the Sony Xperia Mini smartphone which had a camera button on its right. The thing with the camera button was that when you press it once, the flash appears and you have to press it again to click a picture.

I was bored so I held my name keychain in front of my phone and tried clicking a picture but as it was pitch dark and I had no idea where I was aiming, all I managed to click was the cupboard in front of my bed. The flash light was strong.

I tried a second time and this time, when I clicked the button once and the flash appeared, my heart stopped when I saw what I saw.

There, in front of the bathroom walking towards the door of the bedroom with her head down, was a young girl wearing a short kurta and had short hair.

I barely managed to scream. My voice came out like a terrified whisper and I asked my roommate to switch on the lights. The moment she did, I screamed out saying I saw someone near the bathroom.

What she said made my heart stop again.

“I saw it too!”, she screamed.
I immediately asked her to describe what she saw and bloody hell! She gave me the exact description of the girl I saw!

My heart was beating so fast I could hear it! We were terrified! The first thing I did was call dad. He stays abroad and he was so worried about my late night call that he immediately called me back. I told him what had happened and he kept trying to convince me saying it must have been some reflection from the window and stuff. I wasn’t convinced. I saw what I saw. It was a jinn.

He asked us to go to another friend’s room. We woke our friends up and they all came to our room. All this while, I was holding my Qura’an tight, close to my heart, and repeating all the prayers I knew over and over again. We slept in another room for the night.

The news spread like fire throughout college and also different versions of it.

Our friends, to this day, mock us about it. We laugh along with them but we know, in our hearts, that what we saw wasn’t our imagination.

It happened. She was there.

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