What’s the dirtiest thing you have ever done?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:41 PM

There was this one occasion, I was at my girlfriends house, alone, she was wearing a short skirt. I was longing to see that pussy and she knew perfectly well I wanted the pussy but she was deliberately holding off because she was a mean person. I loved her anyway. Eventually she ran out of things to procrastinate with and she wanted to get dirty. She dressed down to her bra and panties and my penis was so erect, there were bricks softer than my dick. So we climbed onto her bed together and we were kissing on the lips with tongue and all. Then as I was kissing, I traced a finger down underneath her bra to her boob. I felt her hard nipples and I started kissing her neck as an excuse to move my fingers further down. I did this for about 5 minutes then I started sucking on her boobs, and I was fingering her at the same time. She let out a huge moan and begged me to get out of her before she exploded. I slid my fingers out, she smiled and knelt down in front of me while I sat on the side of her bed. She started giving me a handjob, and it was the best one of my life. Then she grabbed onto my cock and shoved it straight into her mouth. She started to deepthroat my cock and I was enjoying it so much I came straight into her mouth, and she swallowed it all without a fuss. I wanted her to keep going, so she did and after about ten minutes I came again into her mouth. She took it like a fucking champion (see what I did there) Then, she climbed back onto the bed, and slid on top of me. She lined herself up and slid my dick into her wet pussy and we fuck for about 30 minutes. Then I started to finger her again…

This is where shit gets weird…

Her mum and little sister come home but we were enjoying ourselves so much we didn’t notice. Her little sister comes into the room right as she is swallowing my dick again and we just stop and stare and she stares right back. Then my girlfriend motions for her to come over and tells her how to give me a good blowjob. I couldn’t believe my mind. My girlfriend, teaching her sister how to have sex. Good God, I pick my women nicely. So then her little sister is giving me a blowjob and she is even better at it then my gf. My gf climbs onto me sideways and lets me suck on her hard nipples. After about 5 minutes, I cum into her mouth and my girlfriends inserts me back into her wet pussy and her little sister comes over and lets me finger her. I’m lying on the bed, thrusting my cock into my girlfriend and she is moaning very loudly and her sister is moaning loudly from the fingering. Just as we are about to finish, the little sister gets a great idea. She tells my gf to put on her pantyhose because she knows it makes me hard very quickly. Then she says “You give him a footjob and I will let him lick my pussy,”

“Good idea!” my girlfriend says and climbs out of me to grab her pantyhose. She puts it on and she looks very sexy, I instantly get about x5 harder. Then she pulls some rope out of her wardrobe and ties my wrists and ankles to her bed. She lies on my legs and starts to put her my feet on my cock and I’m loving it. Her little sister wraps her legs around me and puts her very wet pussy over my mouth. She says “Do what you do best then,” and I go crazy, I lick every part of her vagina and I can feel her shaking and hear her moan. I am cumming all over my girlfriends feet while her sister is getting the licking of a lifetime. Eventually my girlfriend says she has had enough and lets me and her sister carry on. So her sister kneels down on the bed and lets me give her anal. She is moaning and saying “Put it in deeper” so I do, I thrust as far as I can until I cum straight into her anus. Then she rolls over so I can put my dick into her pussy and she rides me like a boss. By then, I was exhausted by both of them were ready to keep going. I had to insist I wanted to stop. Then my girlfriend said “Why don’t we all masturbate at the same time and cum into each others mouths?”

“Fine” I said, because I am loving my day right now

So they start rubbing themselves, and I am jerking off until we are all ready then I cum into my girlfriends sister’s mouth, she cums into my girlfriends and my girlfriend cums into my mouth. We all swallow. Then I am ready to go, my hormones are kicking and my dick is still hard. So me and the little sister get naked again and get back on the bed. I lie on top of her and thrust my penis into her pussy. She moans very loud and lets out a load of pussy juice. I lick it all up and I love it. Then we all dress and I sneak out the garden.

Me and my girlfriend were 12 at the time, her little sister was 11. I know it was wrong, I know we aren’t supposed to but in that moment it was just so glorious. I am 13 now and I recently broke up with my girlfriend to hook up with her sister, because I think she gives better blowjobs and she loves to have my cock inside her.

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:42 PM

Watched wife gangbanged

My wife always wanted to fantasize about being gangbanged when we were having sex but would back out when I wanted to see her in action. I ran an add on Craigslist looking for 4 guys to have sex with her. I chose 4 with the biggest penis. After meeting them I told them to be at a local hotel at a specified time this weekend. I told my wife we were going to have a weekend out to party. We went to the hotel and checked in. My wife is 42 with big breasts which sag a little with a belly age appropriate. I took her down to the hotel bar and got her good and buzzed. I saw all four guys show for a drink at the specified time. I got a drink at the bar and told them to give me 20 minutes after I left giving him a room key. I had already told them to strip when they came in because my wife’s fantasy was for them to all take her at once%. I got her upstairs getting her clothes off starting her gangbang fantasy. I heard the door open but my wife did not notice. My wife lay naked on the bed as I got up to make a drink. I waved the guys on in. They surrounded the bed with huge semi hard peni. My wife’s eyes got big as one of them said “ we are here to make your fantasy come true- I sat in the chair as they descended on her sucking her breasts, licking her vagina. I could tell my wife was cutting losose. She pulled one guy up kneeling by her head and began sucking him off. I didn’t take her long before he grabbed the back of her head exploding in her mouth with sperm leaking on to her breasts. After that it went on for about 3 hours with a penis in one or more of her orafices the entire time. When the guys were spent they got up dressed and left. My wife laid spread eagle on the bed with semen leaking from her vagina and anus. Sperm was all over her breasts and belly. I laid beside her wiping a long string of semen on her face as she licked it off my finger. Per her fantasy I watched as I scooped up all the cum off her body as she sucked it off my fingers. Her vagina and anus were bright red and swollen still leaking cum from all the banging for the past 3 hours. I asked if it was all she thought and she said she liked just being their object and there only for their pleasure and not hers. She added I never dreamed there would be that much cum – I swallowed as much as I could. She stood up and a large blob of cum dripped down her leg. I asked her if she wanted to do it again and she said I don’t know – I never realized how much work it would be and by the time the third guy came in my ass I was sore but I could tell he wasn’t going to stop – but I liked that. She said she felt like such a slur, I told her hey – it is only sex and it was a helluva show !!

Mudassir Ali
- Mar 02, 2020 02:42 PM

When I was eighteen, I had a sexual encounter with a woman who was cleaning our house. She was the mother of a classmate of mine and I had been crushing on her for about two or three years by then, and I never expected to actually make my fantasies come true, Then, somehow, I did.

I just stepped out of the shower, butt naked. It was the middle of the day, and it was hot as fuck outside. I was alone in the house. My family was well-to-do, and they were out of town for two days. The whole house to myself! I dried off, put on my underwear and was about to put on my jeans when I thought: “Fuck it! Only underwear will do, got the house to myself anyway.”

So, I did exactly that. I loved the sensation of the fresh air on my almost naked body. I loved the feeling of everything just, dangling freely in the very lose underwear I had on. Not a care in the world. All of a sudden as I came walking down the hallway, I saw someone standing in front of me. It was Mrs. Velasquez. She was the mother of a friend of mine and my parents knew they were poor, so they helped her by having her clean our house once a week for pretty generous pay. She was just, standing there. As if struck by lightning.

Mrs. Velasquez was a pretty woman, pretty but a little tired looking. She was about thirty-six at most and showed very few signs of aging. Pitch black hair, expressive brown skin and a plump body. I myself was eighteen at the time… tall, lean, bronzed skin and brown hair. I saw her staring at me. Her eyes went down… to my crotch. She just, stared. Almost obscenely. I looked down and then I noticed. Shit! My balls were hanging out, dangling dangerously low in the scorching summer heat and fresh out the shower. She couldn’t get her eyes off them. And I kinda… liked it? How she looked at me…

She was a widow, Mrs. Velasquez. Her husband had died almost ten years ago leaving her to take care of their two kids by herself. She had a boyfriend, Pablo, at some point but he’d left her a few years ago.

“Your uh… your thing is showing…” she said, “it’s so… big…”

“What is?” I asked, as if oblivious.

“Your balls…” she said, her voice almost a whisper. I realized she probably hadn’t been with a man for a long time. She seemed so hungry.

I made a daring move, put my fingers on the upper part of my underwear and, as I looked her straight in the eye, let them slide down to my ankles. My still flaccid penis sprung free, engorged by the heat and my growing excitement…

Mrs. Velasquez took a few steps in my direction, almost, mindlessly. As if she was in a trance. She stood mere inches in front of me and put one slender hand on my chest, another cupping my very large balls. I felt how the tips of her fingers, while slender and delicate, and some callous on them from the hard work she did to provide for her family. It was my time to give back to this beautiful and courageous woman. She started playing with my balls, my cock growing steadily under her touch. She looked at it, amazed.

“You like it?” I asked her, smiling slyly.

“Yes… it’s so huge…” she said, soft voiced and shy, “it’s so huge, all of it. Bigger then any man I have ever been with… and you’re only just a boy…”

“Show me your body and see how much of a boy I am!” I dared her.

She nodded. Wordlessly her lips spelled ‘yes’ as she took a step back and stripped out of clothing, slowly and sensually. First her shirt came off. All of her clothes were so plain. Plain white shirt. Jeans. When the shirt was off I saw her breasts, looking surprisingly large in a black bra that seemed too small to contain them. It barely managed to contain her unexpectedly huge nipples, the areolas visible even before she took the bra off. When she did, first thing I noticed were those nipples. They stuck out more then an inch, obviously excited to finally be shown to a man. Encouraged by my hungry looks, she stripped out of her jeans, turning around shyly in a little twirl to show me a remarkably plump and firm booty on top of firm, well-muscled legs.

Her hips were wide. Her waist narrow. Her belly had a few minor stretch marks and a little bit of fat on it, but not much. Her thighs were thick and womanly.

Last to come off were her panties. She had thick, brown and slightly puffy pussy lips, completely hairless without even a hint of stubble. On top of her delicious pussy, which was opened and gaping slightly with unimaginable excitement, was a cute little landing strip of thick black hair.

I suggested we take a shower, to ‘cool off with all this heat’. She nodded. No more words were needed at this point. She went up the stairs first, giving me a great look at her amazing ass and her very visibly pussy lips from behind. I felt my cock growing huger with each step I took. By the time we reached the shower, she pushed me against a wall. Suddenly she was like a hungry tigress and me the hapless prey. Mrs. Velasquez, her body like a dream come true, glistering golden brown under the shower water, kissed me with great intensity. The water was a bit cold, as it was so warm outside. The refreshing sprays turned her nipples harder then ever. It was a sight to behold.

She turned her plump ass to me and reached behind her, guiding my huge cock inside of her hungry pussy. She was grinding up against me mercilessly as the water fell down on us from the showerhead above, her hands resting against the class wall and her tits bouncing with my every trust as my fat balls slapped against her skin. I played with her nipples as I fucked her and she moaned. Softly and first and louder and louder as we picked up the pace. She sensed when I was about to cum, and just as I was about to unload in her she grabbed the base of my ballsack and gave me a little squeeze that pushed me over the edge… I came inside her for what felt like minutes, shooting load after load inside her beautiful pussy.

When I finally pulled out of her, watching a steady stream of cum oozing out of her puffy lips and onto her thick thighs, I felt like I was in heaven and knew this was the start of something beautiful…

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