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  1. Abbreviation of TB is, Tubercle Bacillus. But, generally it refers a disease name Tuberculosis. It is caused by a bacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) and that affects Lungs.

    Other than this, there are many full forms available. Here are,

    Tera Byte
    Teddy Bear
    Traveling Bag
    Text Book
    Tall Boy
    Tool Box
    Thunder Bird
    Telephone Bill
    Ticket Booking
    Turbo Boost
    Total Body
    Trial Balance
    Teenage Boy
    Temporarily Blocked
    Title Block
    Town Bus
    Team Battle
    Tea Break
    Tin Beer
    Totally Boring
    Topless Bottom
    Tie Breaker
    Taste Buds
    Thin Blade
    Traveler’s Bungalow, etc….

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