What’s the most disturbing thing you’ve seen as a teenager?

Mudassir Ali 7 months 1 Answer 111 views

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  1. That is going back a long way, but I can still remember, it was that bad. Now that I am older, it would not bother me. Back then in my tender years, it was a whole different matter. At the time it happened I did not even have a girlfriend. In fact I hardly talked to girls. Maybe that is why it shocked me so much.

    It happened during a wedding. The ceremony at the church was quiet and dignified. Afterwards the meal was at a hotel a couple of miles away. Cake cutting, toasts and bridal waltz all went as planned. The problem started I am sure with the free bar. Things started to get a bit rowdy and it was not from the younger people there. About twenty or so elderly people got on the dance floor and told the band in no uncertain terms what to play. It was horrible to watch. They were all in a line. The men had rolled up their trouser legs and the women hitched up their dresses. Yes, you guessed it. They were doing the Hokey Cokey.

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