What’s the most horrible fact that almost nobody knows about the Second World War?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 22, 2020 08:53 AM

Because shortly after peace was attained in the Far East in 1945, a blanket was thrown over much of the atrociousness of the Imperial Japanese military’s actions during WWII, BECAUSE, the next great Boogie Man, in the form of Mao and the Chinese Communists were already looking to be the next great threat to the combined Western powers.

Japan was at peace in the late Summer of 1945 and occupied fully, under the reign of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, military governor of Japan. MacArthur, because his father was a military man serving some of his time in Asia, Douglas MacArthur had in part, grown up in Asia and knew something of the mind of the Asians. For that reason, he knew that to attain a quick peace in Japan, he had to whitewash the Emperor’s part in waging war against the Allies and caused it to appear that throughout WWII, the Emperor had been a toothless, figure head and lap dog for the Japanese high brass and therefore innocent of war crimes, for which he could be charged.

All of this took place at a time when the Chinese Nationalists were losing against Mao and the Chinese Communists. The threat was then coming from Mao, supported by Soviet Russia! This a greater threat to the West than Imperial Japan had ever been. So, war crimes committed by the Japanese were pushed to the side and as much as was possible, forgotten. The total story of Japanese atrocities was not told in the US or in much of the other Allied countries. The Japanese were relegated to making cheap imitations of Western products. Western businessmen were allowed to go into Japan to re establish businesses in Japan and they, of course profited heavily from being able, for the “Occupation Years”. to rule.

Japan became a cash cow for many from the Western countries and in order to allow businesses to flourish from the production of Japanese goods, the Japanese atrocities and war crimes were swept into the dust bin of unknown history.

Those atrocities, when they can be viewed in detail, were the worst known to human history. Add to this that the crimes were not committed by an uneducated, backward people, but by people who should have known better. The story of the Japanese atrocities, throughout WWII are the “most horrible facts”, about which few know!

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