What’s the most morally disgusting thing you’ve ever seen someone do?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:19 AM

I, am beyond ashamed to admit, that during my high school years, due to my sudden and rapidly growing popularity and under other circumstances, I became involved and befriended an incredibly unprincipled crowd of assholes (against my better judgment).

Unfortunately, these “friends” of mine stuck around well after high school, often meeting up after university, for boozing, partying and fucking every thing and anything that breathes on the face of this earth (literally).

And although, I’ve experienced my fair share of partying and smoking, perhaps because of my mostly conservative upbringing and the value system my parents tried their best to instill in me, I was never in favor of viewing women as sex objects nor did I have any inclination towards consuming alcohol.

In truth, the only reason that kept me around this nasty crowd for such an extended period of time, was because, despite being pathetic human beings with absolute no morale systems, they were (in my sad opinion), always there for a friend.

That being said, I was mostly silent (shamefully), until that final incident where the last straw broke the camels back.

Amongst this group of friends, there was a guy, who (for the sake of the shitty BNBR policy of Quora) we’ll call, Jamie*.

Jamie, was the textbook example of a serial dater/fuckboy/player, who very rarely showed any hint of remorse over breaking a girl’s heart, and openly and proudly claimed to be using all of the female gender for sex and self-gratification.

Until he came across Irene*.

I knew Irene on a personal basis.

She was an outstanding, brilliant girl, way out of this moron’s league, and amongst the few girls who didn’t dote over him.

Jamie, found this extremely enticing. And thus, she became a challenge he had to conquer.

I won’t say he was lying completely when he professed near an infinite number of times, to anyone within earshot, of his undying love for her.

And I can’t bring myself to deny (although I bitterly wish to) that his journey to woo her seemed genuine in nature, at that point of time.

Much to my dismay now, his efforts finally paid off and ultimately, Irene, who unfortunately wasn’t immune to his charm, fell in love deeply, and truly with him.

He was beyond delighted.

And as the days turned into months, she became inseparable from him.

Trusted him, naively, with all her pure heart.

Even, when he began to show his true colors, she followed him blindly.

Thus, it is the height of disloyalty and betrayal, for him to have used the one girl, who would have followed him to the ends of the earth, who loved him beyond his wildest dreams, in such a despicable, wicked manner.

On a late Saturday night, as we sat smoking in a hookah lounge, Jamie ambled up to us with a smirk etched upon his features and plopped down besides me with bravado.

My friends, raising their eyebrows at his smugness, elbowed him, inquiring why he was so vainglorious, on this particular night.

To which the rascal, audaciously withdrew his phone from his pocket and tossed it in the middle, a dim video flashing on the screen.

I rolled my eyes, clamping down on my pipe with my teeth, thinking it to be another one of his makeout session videos, with yet another, willing-to-be-played-with, girl and sat, impassively, in my place as my friends huddled around his phone.

It was only when one of them gasped, and swore out loud, in surprise, that prompted me to rise and join their ranks — only to come across the most sickening, vulgar scene I have yet to behold.

On that small cellphone screen, flashed images of a dimly lit room, an obviously drunk girl, passed out on a bed, with her clothes askew and half removed, and this bastard between her legs, ramming against and in her, furiously, as he grunted in an animalistic fashion, filming her face and body.

My stomach formed sickening, tight knots as the camera panned into her face and I, immediately recognized her to be none other than, Irene.

Bewilderment clawed at my mind, as the rest of the guys guffawed and slapped him across the back, congratulating him, on bedding her finally.

And as they cheered him, a strange sort of rage began to cloud my senses, as an image of my sister (who was the same age as Irene) flashed before my eyes.

I pulled back fuming, unwilling to watch further, yet baffled on what to do next.

Before the shameless dunce dropped the ultimate bomb.

To this day, I have yet to meet someone, who so brazenly, not only admits to his wrongdoings, but also, confesses with such glee.

He gloated that he had coaxed her into consuming liquor (Irene was a non drinker) in copious amounts.

And took advantage of her limp body, after she was completely passed out.

That was all that was left for me to hear.

To think he could do something so foul, made my blood boil unlike any other instance in my entire life.

I lost all rationality at that point, drew back my fist and punched him squarely in the face, my knuckles connecting with his nose, to hear the most satisfying crunch.

He fell back howling, his nose a bloody mess, and my friends restrained me as I bellowed like a bull, threatening him of the worst.

We ended up getting tossed out of the lounge, and I was forced into my car and kept from further assaulting the dick.

Thinking back, my rage got the better of me. Perhaps, I should’ve quietly walked out and informed the police, directly, instead of beating him up.

But, my mind was in overdrive.

I called, Irene, in a daze.

What she proceeded to narrate, shall haunt me for the rest of my years.

Apparently, what transpired was, that she had refused Jamie of sex, countless of times, standing firm to her beliefs. This hadn’t sat well with him, and he manipulated her weak point in his favor rather deceitfully.

He knew she would agree to drinking with him, if he so much as brought up a word of breaking up. (She couldn’t even stand the thought of it).

He also knew, she wouldn’t be able to hold her alcohol well, and would eventually blackout.

And thats exactly what took place.

As she began to lose control, he began touching her inappropriately and she protested against his touch, horrified, but unable to do anything to restrain him.

She said, he tore her clothes off, and painfully inserted himself in her, performing indecent acts, as she helplessly lay across the mattress.

What was worse, is that she felt it all, and was distinctly aware of what was happening.

What broke my heart was, the poor girl, was conscious enough to know what was going on, but unable to stop her rape.

I remember telling her, I would call the police immediately and give my testimonial against him.


She sobbed her heart out as she begged of me not to inform the authorities or any of our mutual friends, of the matter, saying it was a question of her honor and she would be blamed for providing him the opportunity in the first place‌ (with which I disagree with completely).

No amount of coaxing or reassurance on my part, could get her to change her mind.

She went as far as telling me, that if I tried to “defame” her, in such a way, she would deny all allegations.

And that was the end of it.

To this day, that asshole roams free.

Irene, is severely depressed and suffering from PTSD, last I heard, and still refusing to speak about her trauma against him.

I pray she finds the courage to get justice for herself.

God knows, I would come forward with any evidence she would need, but until then, there’s not much I can do, aside from spreading awareness on this matter.

While I sincerely hope, sexual assault survivors, speak up more without fear, although I realize it must be agonizingly hard for them to do so, I believe it is more important for a particular breed of immoral men, to

1. Understand the meaning of consent, when NO means NO, with no “buts” and “ifs”.


2. Stop glorifying their sexual escapades and showing off their partners bodies as trophies.

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