What’s the most unreasonable thing a customer asked you while working retail?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 24, 2020 01:16 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 24, 2020 01:17 PM

I had a man come in to do some Christmas shopping for his wife. He had a list of item names and colors, and it was not a short list, so I was definitely thinking “score! Easy, big sale.” We got points for helping customers in special ways or with big sales that we could use toward in-store purchases (we had to wear the store’s in-season clothes, so those points were helpful; and since they weren’t monetary compensation, they didn’t count as a commission that would let our employer pay us less). I head to the first thing on his list, look down at the list, and there’s no size listed. Crap.

“Uh…do you know what size your wife wears?” “No.” “That’s okay. We’ll make sure to get you a gift receipt in case there’s any issue, but let’s get as close as we can.” I signal over to a couple other female co-workers and ask him which one of us his wife is closest in size to (we thankfully had a wide range of staff, so we were repping sizes 2 to 14 in our group of 4). He says she’s closest to me (10), “but a little fuller in the hips.” “Alright, well that makes it easy for me!” So I go round up everything on his list (sizing up a few things that will pull at the hips), piling it at the cash register when we get an armful. When we have everything, he comes up to the register, and my coworker working cash asks him if there is anything else he needs. He just stares expectantly at me for an uncomfortable beat, and then says “so where do we go so you can try these on for me, so I’m sure they’ll look good on my wife?” Thankfully, my manager was right there, and said that was “not a service we provide.”

He got a bit agitated, but seemed to back down and let us start checking out and packaging up things (everything in a separate gift box, of course). THEN he blurts out “I just want to make sure it will fit her.” “We understand that, sir, but without her size, we can’t guarantee that. Do you have a picture of her on you?” “No…WAIT…she’s shopping down the way. Can one of you come take a look at her and make sure I got the right size?” My manager (male) and a male coworker went with him (serious creep vibes at this point). They came back, alone, shaking their heads a few minutes later. “Where’s our big shopper?” “The woman is a size 2 on a fat day, and he did not respond well to us telling him that. We told him we’d call ahead and start getting the replacements with the right size right away, and he said he didn’t have the time for that.” Side note: they said he spoke to the woman as they were leaving and she appeared to know him, so he wasn’t just pointing out a random woman…no guarantees it was his wife, but he wasn’t being *that* weird to just point out a random woman.

tl;dr Creepy guy wanted me (specifically) to model half our inventory for him

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