What’s the naughtiest experience you’ve had with someone else while your SO was close by?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 27, 2020 01:29 PM

“I want to see you fuck another woman” she said.

My girlfriend and I were in Amsterdam and after a day spent walking the Red Light District we’d seen nothing but stunning women from window to window.

She’d always had an adventurous streak. But it was hard to tell where this latest request came from.

I mean, if you spend all day at the donut factory, you probably get a craving for donuts. But this wasn’t a passing fantasy.

This was a real, red light request for me to choose a girl, negotiate a price, and get down to business.

The only rule? My girlfriend was allowed to come in and watch.

It’s tough to choose a girl in Amsterdam.

They’re all so gorgeous and there’s body shapes to suit every taste.

Like being a kid in a candy store only the candy was really expensive and you only got to taste it for 15 minutes.

Eventually I settled on my chosen girl though. Short but curvy. Blonde hair that hung casually to her shoulders. And with a tattoo or two inked on her skin.

She had a warm smile. Her nails rich red and high heels that could pierce a hole in a man’s heart if she felt like it. She also wore a tight white top that exposed her midriff and not much else.

Overall her outfit left very little to the imagination (which I appreciate, my imagination is terrible) with no real competition between her and everyone else standing under their own soft, red lights that night.

I walked up to the door slowly once I’d made my choice. My breath visible in the cold Amsterdam night.

*Rap* *Rap* *Rap* I knocked on the door as she smiled and gently opened it inwards.

“Hello, how much for a blowjob?” I asked, realising it was the first time I’d ever string those words together in that order.

“50 euros” she replied.

“And for your girlfriend to watch, another 50 euros”. She smiled again as she said it. The fact she knew this was a party for 3 sealed the deal.

Plus she had the type of lips that could suck a watermelon through a straw so there was that too. All in all, an easy choice.

Ducking from the street to her small, warm room – with a faded red light splashed across the doorway – was going from bitterly cold to pretty damn hot (in more ways than one).

Clothes are for losers so I quickly got naked. This lovely window prostitute obviously felt the same way, because she did too. I remember watching her white top drop to the floor and I’m fairly certain it happened in slow-mo. I think there was jazz music softly playing in the background, with a powerful saxophone solo, but maybe that was in my head…

Moving from sax to sex, she knelt in front of me and looked at my girlfriend and smiled, as if waiting for permission.

With a quick nod of the head to signal approval (she’s a keeper alright), this Hungarian Hottie (turns out she was from Budapest) launched into a world class blowjob. (Is there a world championship for such an event? If so are there any tickets available yet?)

Looking up at me with big, wide eyes she was pretty much every fantasy come true (outside of my fantasy of hitting a home run in the Super Bowl).

I’ll save you the details. But there were 3 of us in that room that night who won’t soon forget it.

Not to mention the small crowd of red light district tourists who welcomed us out of the room 15 minutes later with a wonderful round of applause.

In short, when you mix Jack Daniels, Hungarian women, and can-do attitude, that’s how you get the naughtiest experience possible with your significant other so close by.

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