What’s the naughtiest thing you have done while camping?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 19, 2020 05:01 AM

Originally Answered: What was your naughtiest experience you’ve had while camping outdoors?
Last June my wife Becky and I vacationed at Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin with some friends. We had a busy week of rock climbing, camping, boating and swimming planned. On the second night we were there, a severe thunderstorm warning came through and Stephanie, my wife’s sister who had recently broken up with her boyfriend asked to sleep in our tent. We were tired from our day and so we agreed. Our tent after all, was a six man and there was only Becky and I.

We all got our sleeping bags rolled out and Becky and I lay down on one side of the tent and Stephanie laid down in her sleeping bag at the other side below our feet. Later that evening I was awaken by a distant thunder. I am a very light sleeper. Apparently Stephanie had heard the same thing, because she was awake and watching the sky out of the tent flap looking quite worried in her oversized T-shirt.

“Stephanie,” I whispered, “What’s wrong?”

She replied without looking at me, “Do you think the tent will keep the rain out?” she asked.

“Yeah, I suppose so,” I said.

“Can I come lay by you guys?” she asked me.

I looked at Becky who was sleeping, she’s always been a heavy sleeper. “I guess that would be ok, just try not to wake Becky.”

She said okay, and crawled over next to me dragging her sleeping bag behind. She stretched it down alongside mine and laid down. She got inside and pressed her body up against mine. I smelt that she was wearing perfume and that along with her asscrack pressed against my leg was turning me on. It seemed like the harder I tried not to get turned on the hotter I got. After a while I tried to fall asleep, and I rolled my body facing my sister in law, and she pressed her ass right against my rock hard cock. I was so embarrassed. I began to turn away when Stephanie started rubbing her ass up and down my length through the two sleeping bags. I was worried about Becky waking up, but I decided just to pretend to be innocently sleeping.

Stephanie whispered that she was hot and sat up without looking at me and removed her T-shirt. She was not wearing a bra, and I just stared at her beautiful tits. They were large and the nipples were fully erect. She was a little chunky but her tits were not flabby at all. I never had noticed how nice her chest was before. She reached up to scratch one and then she noticed me staring, and she whispered, “You’re still awake?” Then she smiled and teasingly tugged and twisted the nipple closest me.

She laid back down facing me now and asked me what I thought of her tits. I told her that I thought they were the most beautiful breasts I’d ever seen. She asked me if her sisters were as nice. I honestly told her no. Then she reached down into my partially zipped sleeping bag and pulled out my hand and placed it on her breast. She guided my fingers to squeeze her nipple. “How do they feel?” she asked me with a smile. I told her they were awesome and she removed her hand from mine but I continued to massage her breasts and nipples. Then she scooted up and I began to suck on her nipples. She whispered to me, “Bite them.”

I bit and massaged and sucked on my sister in law’s tits as she looked over my head at my sleeping wife’s face.

Then she surprised me further by coming back down to eye level and looking directly into my eyes as she unzipped my sleeping bag the rest of the way and then she disappeared. Suddenly, I felt my briefs pulled down to my ankles.

She grabbed my balls in her hand and licked my stomach all around my throbbing cock. She teased me for an eternity and then she took my whole dick into her mouth to the base and slowly released it while sucking all the way up. She made a light slurping noise as she let go and I looked over at my wife who was still sleeping.

Stephanie came up from below and kissed me. My sister in law practically stuck her tongue all the way down my throat and then she whispered in my ear, “How do you taste?”

“You bitch,” I responded grabbing her tits again, but she pushed my hands away and pulled herself out of her sleeping bag exposing to me her plump round ass and as she was moving things around she bent over and I saw the wettest and harriest pussy I’d ever seen. She turned and looked at me as I gazed into her holes and she smiled. I reached over and ran my finger across her dripping labia and then I stuck my wet finger in my mouth.

After she got her sleeping bag open, she turned her back to me and lay on her side again. She backed her ass up and now skin to skin began rubbing her ass up and down my cock. I could feel her wetness dripping onto my balls. “Do you want to fuck my pussy, Jim?” she asked, “Do you want to fuck me with my sister your wife right next to you? Have you ever fantasized about this pussy before?” I didn’t want to wake Becky so I just reached my arm around her waste and pulled her body tighter to me.

Then I felt her hand reach down and grab my cock and gently slide it into her love hole. She was so wet I barely had to push to get all the way in. She spread her legs wide open and pushed herself up and down with the one leg. I kissed her on her neck and fondled her breasts as I fucked my chubby sister in law slowly for about fifteen minutes. Then I started to pump faster until I blasted her full of my betrothed semen. I moaned as quietly as I could and then I pushed my cock up her as far as I could get it and held it there. I started to feel Stephanie’s pussy muscles contracting rapidly around my spent sperm uzzi. Then she bucked hard and pushed me into my sleeping wife and suddenly she let out a loud and long moan followed by a high pitch squeal. My cock and balls were drenched in her excitement.

It was then that I felt another arm reach around me and grab my dick. It was my wife’s. She yanked my dick from her sister’s hole and yelled at me at full volume, “What the fuck are you doing?”

I tried my best to lie and tell her that I thought she was my wife and I had been sleeping, but I’ve never been a good liar. I was scared shitless when Stephanie said, “That’s what you get for fucking Peter!”

It turns out I was a pawn. My wife had cheated on me with her sister’s boyfriend, and Peter told Stephanie about it and so she had planned the whole entire seduction to get even with my adultress.

Since that night, Stephanie and I have become good friends, and my wife lets me do whatever I want because she is so guilty about cheating on me. The two women just scowled and remained silent for the rest of the camping trip, but I’d say it was worth every second and drop of come. My only regret is coming inside of my sister in law, because the baby is due on the 12th of May.

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